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We couldn't possibly tell you all the stories of rescue and restoration, but here are a few highlights of how you are making a difference...

Meet Sarisma

  • Nepal - Just a few days before Christmas, 19 year old Sarisma knocked on the House of Hope’s door with her 5 day old baby girl in hand and nowhere else to go.

    Five years ago Sarisma’s mother walked into the jungle and never returned. Sarisma’s father was so grief stricken that he left his family behind to go and find a new wife. Suddenly, Sarisma found herself as the only caregiver for her siblings, which she faithfully did for five years.Read more...

    When Sarisma started experiencing severe spiritual attacks, the home became an unsafe environment for everyone. When her father learned of the difficulty, he returned and immdiately forced her from the home.

    Sarisma found a small shack to rent, but soon became pregnant. The father of her baby abandoned her after their daughter was born, leaving Sarisma alone and without an income. Worried that a single mother could not afford the meager rent payments, the landlord evicted her. That’s when she traveled to the House of Hope with her new baby in hand.

    When she arrived at the House of Hope she was met with proper Nepali new mother care, a place to stay, and a loving new family to care for her. Sarisma was also introduced to the Beautiful Gospel and gave her life to Christ. She has stopped experiencing spiritual attacks, and she is beginning to discover that she was made for dignity and for a purpose.

    Currently, Sarisma has been reunited with her siblings who are now living at the House of Hope, back under her guardianship. All four of the siblings have been baptized at their local church and are now enrolled in school to continue their education. Sarisma is also learning knitting and domestic skills.




Meet Kalpana

  • Nepal - Kalpana is a 33 year old woman who lives in Nepal with her husband and three children. Both her and her husband were uneducated, leaving them to choose only from daily wage jobs.

    Oftentimes there was no work for them to do which eventually led to a food shortage, and they could no longer afford to send their children to school. Desperate to break the cycle, Kalpana and her husband searched for ways to make a better life for themselves.Read more...

    When Kalpana heard that Impact Nations and their partners offered free training programs, she registered for the tailoring course and quickly rose to the top of her class! Once she had graduated, she was informed that she could gain business training as well.

    With her new business knowledge and
    a small loan in the bank, Kalpana rushed home to start planning with her husband.

    After two short weeks they realized that she could begin running a livestock business that would pull in enough income to feed the family, send the children back to school, and break the cycle of poverty in her family!

    Now, Kalpana spends most of her days tending to their goat farm so that they can sell the meat during cultural festivals. She also has a side business as a tailor for family, friends, and neighbors. The children are happy to be back in school with all of their friends, and the family is overjoyed to have the means to manage daily expenses. They are also learning more and more about the Gospel and making Jesus a part of their daily lives.




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