Empowering The Local Church

Empowering The Local Church

Impact Nations works to equip the local church to build the kingdom

Through working with churches for over 20 years, we often hear from pastors who are frustrated by a lack of meaningful engagement in…

Global Missions

  • Short-term mission trips
  • Long-term community transformation

Gospel Participation

  • Meeting the practical needs of the poor
  • Leading people to Christ
  • Healing the sick (in Jesus' name)

Making Disciples

  • Discover the power of authentic community
  • Making discipleship tangible
  • Discovering a deeper walk with Jesus

Like you, we believe that everyone is called to be a minister of the Gospel

Impact Nations serves pastors and leaders in a variety of ways, helping them grow their church and empower their congregation.


A unique opportunity for you and your team.
  • Your church became a catalyst of hope and life to your community?
  • Outreach moved beyond programs to become part of the DNA of your church?
  • Members truly became change agents where they live and work?

Your team can access this FREE ONE HOUR TRAINING from anywhere. And Impact Nations will provide materials for your staff. For more information Download the brochure


Steve Stewart - Founder & President of Impact Nations teaches churches how to move in the rhythm of the Kingdom

Learn about:

  • Understanding, Experiencing, and Releasing the Kingdom of God
  • The Compassionate Jesus
  • Keys to Healing
  • The Beautiful Gospel

Put it into practice:

  • Go out into the community and apply what you learned
  • Pray for the sick
  • Engage with the community and share the gospel


We equip people through teaching and demonstrating how to live out the 'GO' of the Gospel.
Why do short-term missions with us?
  • We've been providing a ready-made, short-term mission trip solution since 2005
  • Team members come together with like-minded individuals from different nations connecting around a common purpose
  • Daily, our journey participants engage in preaching the gospel, healing the sick (in Jesus' name), and meeting practical humanitarian needs

From promo videos to registration and flights. We take care of everything to help your church so your team isn't burdened with unnecessary administration.  See our upcoming Journey's here

See the community impact from our 2023 trip to the Philippines 


We have partners in multiple nations who are engaging in community transformation through a wide range of projects with a high level of accountability.
Adopting a project means ...
  • Equipping global partners who are rescuing lives in their communities
  • Personalized 'thank you' and testimony videos from on the ground partners
  • Zoom meetings/calls with the partners to stay connected to the work they're doing
  • Opportunities to visit the project in person and see the work in the community

Impact Nations has refined a process for evaluating global partners which brings accountability and continued support to our partners to help them succeed in their goals and dreams for the communities they serve.