Our Team



  • About Steve

    Steve Stewart is the founder and president of Impact Nations. As a young married man, Steve encountered Christ in 1976; his life immediately and radically changed. Years of church ministry later, in 2003, Steve had an encounter that changed his life’s direction. While flying home from Korea, he sensed the Lord come near to him and asked, “What do you want to do with the rest of your life? I will let you do anything.” Steve’s response was, “If I can do anything, then with the rest of my life I want to rescue lives: spiritually, supernaturally, economically, medically, educationally.”

    From that encounter was birthed Impact Nations.


  • About Christina

    Christina Stewart is the Director of Journeys of Compassion for Impact Nations International Ministries. She has facilitated Journeys to nearly 20 developing nations in the last 15 years. These trips empower others to rescue lives and transform communities through medical clinics, distribution of water filters, evangelism and healing prayer. She has led teams into prisons, garbage dumps, tribal villages, and urban slums. Christina’s passions include teaching, empowering and releasing people to discover that they can impact the world for the Kingdom. She loves finding the disadvantaged and providing opportunities for lasting change. In recent years her focus has increasingly been on rescuing women out of prostitution, bringing restoration, healing and the reality of their new future in Jesus.





  • About Cynthia

    Cynthia grew up in Central America as a missionary kid. Her experiences as a third culture child gave her a heart for the nations. She is certified in hygiene and sanitation through Lifewater International. Together with her husband, David, they founded I Thirst International in 2009, a non-profit committed to providing clean water in developing nations. They have been volunteering with ImpactNations since 2012. Currently, they oversee clean water projects and community transformation. Cynthia does ground coordination on some of the Journeys of Compassion. David and Cynthia have four grown children and reside in the Fingerlakes region of New York State.


  • About Gar

    Gar Liebler is the Chairman and Visionary of a national real estate conglomerate headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Gar has served on various professional boards, charities, and ministries. He is the co-founder of Kingdom Causes, a 501c3 charity that seeks to partner with other believers in sustainable business ventures. He joined the Impact Nations board in late 2017. Gar and his wife Carine reside in Oakland Township with their four children. He is an avid skier, outdoorsman, football coach, and enjoys anything his kids are doing.


  • About Susan

    Sue is the mother of two adult daughters. Sue grew up in New Zealand, she moved to Sydney, Australia in the 1980s where she and her husband Geoff now run a Quantity Surveying business. After Sue became a Christian in the late 1980’s she became involved with a group of ladies who demonstrated to her an understanding of the power of prayer. She moved on from this group with the determination that whatever her circumstances or position, she would make prayer the primary tool for putting down foundations and building into the future. Prior to joining Impact Nations Sue served for many years as Prayer Coordinator in two churches, going on to help establish and work as Prayer Coordinator of Healing Rooms Australia until 2008. Sue’s passion to see miracles, signs and wonders as part of the gospel message in evangelism blends with her belief that prayer requires legs on it. Sue went on her first Journey of Compassion in 2009, to the Philippines, where she experienced the reality of this passion. In 2010 Steve invited Sue to join their first JOC to Haiti in the role of Prayer Leader for that journey. From there was she invited to become the Director of Intercession for Impact Nations. In fulfilling that role Sue has continued to travel with Impact Nations growing in her passion for the Lord and for the work that they do.


  • About Ken

    Ken grew up on a Beef and Cash Crop Farm, graduated with a BSc in Agricultural Mechanization and Ag Business in 1984. It was in University where he met his Bride Geri. Ken worked in the Agricultural Industry in Sales, Marketing and Corporate Training for about 10 years after graduating from university. A couple of years after purchasing their farm in 1994, Ken started a corporate training and consulting business contracting his services to many national and international companies. Ken’s passion is equipping and teaching.

    Over the years Ken and Geri have initiated a number of businesses mostly related to Agriculture and Solar and are energized by the adventure of entrepreneurship. Together they operate Rounds Ranch, an AgriTourism business, where they are open to the general public. The Ranch offers school tours, day camps, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, seasonal events etc. They love to serve Jesus. They take the winter season when the Ranch is closed to the public to participate in mission activities.

    Ken and Geri have one daughter and three amazing grandchildren.





  • About David

    David has owned and operated Pearson Construction LLC for 25 years. He, along with his wife Cynthia, founded I Thirst International in 2009. David is certified by Living Water International in well drilling and hand pump repair. David has been volunteering with ImpactNations for over three years. He is passionate to do his small part in Gods expansive kingdom, joining Jesus as He works among the poor bringing spiritual and physical transformation. David, with his wife Cynthia are in charge of Impact Nations water development projects, and community transformation projects.


  • About Karen

    Karen was initiated into the Impact Nations family on a JOC to Nicaragua in 2012. While on this journey God impressed on her heart an understanding of biblical justice and a longing to see the establishment of the kingdom of God on Earth. From this foundation rose the conviction that a faith community of diverse people from around the world can make a significant difference in the lives of the poor. Being on the Board has positioned Karen to witness kingdom values in action and see how deeply they run through the veins of this organization. In her personal life, she enjoys writing poetry, reading theology, and gardening and has an extensive background in the field of Education. Robert and Karen have three grown sons and live on the west coast of Canada.


  • About Robert

    Robert, a CPA, CA with over 25 years of accounting, reporting and audit experience, has worked with a number of businesses and charities during that time. He strongly believes that Christians are called to demonstrate Christ’s love for the nations by ministering to people’s physical, as well as, spiritual needs. He provides financial oversight to Impact Nations and serves as our CFO.


  • About Geri

    Geri grew up on a Dairy Farm, graduated with a BSc in Agricultural Economics in 1984. It was at the University of Guelph where she met her hubby, Ken.

    Upon graduating from university Geri worked in the Agricultural Industry for about 10 years primarily as a loans officer for a large Agricultural Lender. A couple of years after purchasing their farm Geri resigned from Farm Credit and took the lead role in managing the day to day business of the farm. Geri’s passion is marketing.

    Over the years Ken and Geri have initiated a number of businesses mostly related to Agriculture and Solar and are energized by the adventure of entrepreneurship. Together they operate Rounds Ranch, an AgriTourism business, where they are open to the general public. The Ranch offers school tours, day camps, birthday parties, weddings, corporate events, festivals, seasonal events etc. They love to serve Jesus. They take the winter season when the Ranch is closed to the public to participate in mission activities.

    Ken and Geri have one daughter and three amazing grandchildren.





  • About Tim

    Tim has been with Impact Nations since March of 2017. He oversees the daily operations, working closely with our staff and oversees partners to ensure that our projects and ongoing programs are carried out with efficiency and integrity. He is also responsible for maintaining our website and managing our social media. In fact, he is typing this right now. Tim and his wife, Bethany, moved from Vancouver, Canada, to Albuquerque in June of 2017 in order to be a part of the Impact Nations team. They are passionate about raising their children to love Jesus and they're excited to partner with Impact Nations in rescuing lives.


  • About Margaret

    Margaret became part of the Impact Nations team in October of 2017. She is the Bookkeeper/Accountant for both Canada and the United States. The majority of Margaret's career was spent in Accounting and Finance in the healthcare industry. She is very much enjoying learning about Journeys of Compassion and working with people all across the world to spread the gospel, in addition to her accounting responsibilities. Margaret has lived in New Mexico her entire life and has been married to her husband, also a native of New Mexico, for 22 years. She enjoys spending time with her husband, her friends, and her pets.


  • About Jeri

    Jeri joined the Impact Nations team in January 2018. She is an assistant to Christina Stewart, overseeing Journeys of Compassion. Attending to the many details that assure each Journey is a success, she is always happy to take your call and answer your questions. Jeri has a passion for seeing people come to Christ and experience God’s love, grace, mercy, and forgiveness. Ministry in the marketplace is something that is a part of her everyday life; Sharing the freedom that comes from Christ. Jeri has 1 son and 6 grandchildren. She loves to invite people to share her life and has a way of making everyone feel like family.


  • About Isaiah

    Isaiah has been with Impact Nations since April 2019. He works with Tim and Jeri to lighten their load. Isaiah loves interacting with partners around the world to plan and sustain projects as well as communicating exciting results to donors. He is an Albuquerque native and is always looking for a mountain to climb or cliff to rappel. Isaiah is always thrilled to see the Gospel changing lives eternally and in the now!


Impact Nations is committed to keep our operational costs to a minimum. For this reason, we do not have satellite offices or paid staff stationed around the world. Instead, we are proud to partner with pastors, churches, and community leaders who are already making an incredible difference in their communities. It is our joy to come alongside to provide additional resources to help them accomplish their mission of making disciples and demonstrating the Beautiful Gospel.

The Remnant Generation

The Remnant Generation Rescues and Restores pregnant teen girls who have survived sexual assault. They invest in their flourishing by providing safe spaces, counseling, access to education and job training. Our hope is to see healed and empowered girls restored to their communities - transforming a culture of shame into a culture of grace.

Founded in 2011 by Annabelle, The Remnant Generation has flourished and has rescued 135 girls; giving them hope and creating a future for their babies!


Trinity Heavenz' 92Hands is a movement empowering young adults in Uganda to transform their communities through intensive community service living to serve and share Jesus' love.

"We desire to inspire and motivate our peers to serve their communities as Jesus served us. Those who serve and those being served are transformed as they encounter Jesus' love."

Metro Pentecostal Church, Nakuru

Mike Brawan, pastor of Metro Pentecostal Church, Nakuru, has a heart for the broken and rejected in Kenya. The Daughters of Destiny program continues to excite us a women, abused and rejected by their families, recieve the skills they need to create a new life with their children.