Impact Weekends


What is an Impact Weekend?

Steve (read Steve's bio here) teaches scriptural principles, always with an emphasis on practical application. His goal is that people go home not only with more understanding, but more faith and tangible experience than when they arrived. He does this through demonstration and activation/participation. During an Impact Weekend, Steve teaches, then provides opportunities for all participants to immediately engage in healing ministry – he takes people out into the community to pray for the sick, share the Gospel and minister to the poor.


  • Understanding, Experiencing, and Releasing the Kingdom of God: The Gospel of the Kingdom was Jesus' central message. The Kingdom is bigger, more inclusive and more immediate than we ever imagined. Learn how to recognize and release Kingdom activity.
  • The Compassionate Jesus: The foundation and motivation for all Kingdom activity is compassion; in fact, the whole movement of God is in the direction of compassion, love, forgiveness, and mercy. Discover how to move in the rhythm of God.
  • Keys to Healing: Discover how you can see an increase of healing activity in and through your life. Learn and experience a simple, but powerful model that Steve has taught to many thousands around the world. 
  • Following Jesus: Becoming a disciple of Jesus means going where He goes and doing what He is doing. As we learn what it means to truly follow Him, we enter in the abundant life of purpose and fulfillment that Jesus promised. 
Other topics include:
  • Justice, the Poor, and the Revolutionary Gospel of Jesus
  • The Unsearchable Riches of Christ
  • The Power of Inclusion


Steve asks that his traveling expenses be covered. He is happy to be billeted in a home or stay in a hotel. Honorariums for his teaching are voluntary. He does ask for the opportunity to give a short presentation (about 15 minutes) about what he does with Impact Nations and to take an offering for the poor (through Impact Nations).


“Steve Stewart is one of the persons that heaven would call ‘the friend of God.’ You too will be able to see the heart of a man who loves God, and is loved by God, expressed in powerful concepts, spoken with passion and wisdom. Impact Weekends reveal Steve’s solid commitment to the Bible and firm belief that Christians, the Church and Christianity should emphasize what the Bible emphasizes: the Kingdom, healing, and justice.”

-Randy Clark, Founder, Global Awakening

If you are interested in hosting Steve at your church or event, please contact us at or call the office at 1-877-736-0803