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"For every 1% increase in entrepreneurship, there is a 2% decline in the poverty rate.”
- Stephen Slivinski, Senior Economist, Goldwater Institute

Skills & Business


"For every 1% increase in entrepreneurship, there is a 2% decline in the poverty rate.”
- Stephen Slivinski, Senior Economist, Goldwater Institute

We believe that the Gospel of God’s Kingdom carries the power to transform lives

Our goal is to provide the help needed to move both individuals and communities into long-term sustainability, not dependence upon any outside source.

Impact Nations has trained over 500 of some of the most vulnerable members of society since 2008. Whether it be pregnant teenagers on the streets of Uganda, gang members facing a life of violence and crime, girls at risk of being trafficked from Nepal, or prostitutes in Kenya with no other way to feed their children, Impact Nations is bringing hope to the hopeless.

We do this through our various Skills and Business Development courses. Each of those courses have three stages:

Step 1: RESCUE




When we met Katie, she was sleeping in a dilapidated house made out of old iron sheets. Her family had chased her away from home when she gave birth. She was forced to stay with the father of her child but he disappeared after just one month leaving Katie and her daughter in a rented house.

Katie couldn’t afford to pay the rent; her landlord took the few household items she had and threw her out of the house. Katie was homeless for a few days until she found some old iron sheets to erect a temporary shelter. Whenever it rained, Katie would hold her child and stay standing all night because her “house” flooded.

Katie heard about our partners, The Remnant Generation, through a friend. She came to their offices and asked to join the School of Purpose. But after their social workers conducted the home visit, they realized she also needed to be rescued; she was brought to the Princess Shelter with her baby.

Katie is now learning tailoring as her main course. She has also been working hard in the catering class and crafts making class.

Recently, the girls came up with an idea to sell crafts at local churches each Sunday. They have been working hard to make beautiful pieces. Katie always has the highest number of pieces. Her hard work is paying off. Every time they are ready to split the profits, she gets paid more than anyone else.

Katie is also very active in catering. She and a group of five other students are providing catering services. Our Business Development Manager identifies opportunities for these girls to do business and the feedback from clients has been very good. The girls recently secured their first major venture, catering a wedding with over 300 guests!

Katie’s dream is to start a restaurant that also provides outside catering services. She also wants to develop her fashion design skills. She wants to give her baby a beautiful future.

        • January 2020: INDIA

          Expansion in India

          Chandigarh, India - Three of our Alternativ Basic Business trainers traveled from Nepal to India to introduce this vital curriculum to our India Sewing Center. This will expand the vision and potential for women in India; just like it has in Uganda and Nepal. After becoming empowered by the business training, many women have a dream to start their own business. Small loans give these entrepreneurs the boost that they need to to become self-sufficient.

          This train-the-trainer course provided business training for 36 students, ranging from age 15 to 51. At the same time, six facilitators were equipped to bring the material to future students.

          One of the trainers reported, "There is a mother of five here who brings her babe in arms and 9 year old daughter. The 9 year old is doing all the workbook activities and answering questions. She’s definitely my youngest student yet and I’m hoping what she learns empowers change in her life. We are here changing mindsets!"

          “This training had a great impact on the people around us. It has taught us very small basics that we often miss when starting up a business and end up failing in that business. This training has not only taught us to do business but also to run our homes effectively. Everyone who attended this training was so happy and encouraged. We want to thank you for bringing the team here and for the training.”
          - Meenakshi, New Life City Foundation

        • December 2019: BINITA

          Meet Binita

          Kathmandu, Nepal - Impact Nations is partnering with several entrepreneurs in Nepal to help them realize their business dreams. Recently received this great report from our friend, Binita:

          Thanks for the money that you had given for my business. I am blessed and happy to run Bonita's Bakery with the help of Impact Nations. From the start-up fund I bought a big oven, freezer, mixer, supplies, and others. All are running well and I am happy to use and learn many things.

          Among all the things, I also took money from start-up fund and had got to learn scooter from driving school. So, I passed the scooter trial and recently I bought a new scooter with my own money. Now it is easy to deliver the cakes and buy supplies and have a good time management. So from the Bonita's Bakery people are loving our cakes. They feel like among all the bakeries, they love our taste and they are giving good feedback. Actually it gives me more courage and need to do more things.

          So recently, I did a record keeping on December and found that the Bonita's Bakery income was NPR 15,700 ($135 USD) and the expense was like NPR 4,605 ($40 USD). So the first time I put the tithe from Bonita's Bakery. It feels happy and blessed, so thank you again and please still remember in your prayers.

          If Bonita's Bakery gets more order, then I can hire staff from House of Hope woman/girls. It helps me and they will be empowered so, still I am learning to bake and decorate the cakes. So, I am searching the place where I can learn the skills of decorating cakes. For the marketing, we are making promotion videos and a social media. We are also participating in events. A lot of business comes from word of mouth.

          - Binita Lama

        • May 2019: SIDET

          Meet Sidet

          Kampala, Uganda - After completing the Alternativ business training, Sidet used her small loan of $100 to start a restaurant!




Current Projects

We have several active projects that are helping vulnerable people become self-sufficient:


Purchase face masks for the poor in Uganda so they can re-enter the workforce and provide for their families.

$25 will provide masks for 20 people.



Empower youth-at-risk in Uganda through teaching them Design, Arts, Technology, and Entrepreneurship.



These teenage mothers have escaped a life of abuse. Help them discover their God-given talents and equip them to enter the marketplace.



We have an opportunity to rescue 1200 children from a life of slavery for only $130 per child.



Rescue women from a life of prostitution by presenting them with the Gospel and an opportunity for a new life.

You Can Change a Life

You may also choose to give to our Skills & Business fund below. These funds are applied where most needed around the world.

  • $150 provides someone with our 40 hour basic business training
  • $100 may be all it takes to get someone started with their own small business
  • $600 could provide a student with up to nine months of vocational school and basic business training

  Yes I want to provide life changing skills and business training!

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