Quilled Cards (All Seasons)

Hand crafted cards made with Nepali "lokta" paper.
Each set of six comes with two of each design.
The paper quilling is individually handcrafted. There may be slight color and design variations.

Handcrafted with love in Nepal

Impact Nations and NuVenture have partnered with Change Action Nepal on these beautiful sets of quilled cards. This home's mission is to bring freedom, dignity, and equality to those who are minorities and vulnerable to exploitation.

The eight girls who created these cards are benefiting from the founder's vision to restore their dignity by giving them hope and life. They will use the money they earn to provide for some of their daily needs and save the rest to invest in their future small businesses.

The "Birds Freed from Cage" card represents the freedom that the girls are now experiencing.

A "Hot Air Balloon" card (not yet pictured here) will be included in the set.