rescuing lives,
transforming communities

Impact Nations is a Christ-centered organization that brings hope and restoration to the poor and vulnerable in the developing world through both supernatural and practical expressions of the Kingdom of God.

We accomplish our mission through three types of activity:

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The Gift of Sustainability

We believe that the Gospel of God's Kingdom has the power to transform lives. Our goal is to proivde the help needed to move both individuals and communities into long-term sustainability, not dependance on any outside source.

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rescue two generations

Countless youg girls experience the horrors of family abuse and child marriage in Uganda every year. You could be the one to rescue a teen mom and her baby with life saving medical care and an escape from dangerous situations.

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seeds of change

Impact Nations is committed to finding sustainable food solutions to provide nutrition for the world's most vulnerable populations. Meet three individuals who are benefiting from our Life Gardens in Kyakka II, Uganda's largest refugee camp ...

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the gift of hope

Escape to a safe house can provide Nepal's most vulnerable women the space they need to discover their destiny through ongoing discipleship and skills training. From learning to  love and care for their children to welding, this wholistic program is truly Good News.

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change a destiny

Every year we encounter women escaping forced protstitution and terrifying violence. Will you help us to provide for them as they discover their new identity in Christ?

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Gifts of health and hope

Impact Nations is committed to providing clean water, medical care, and other life giving rescue when tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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Rescue the persecuted

Pastors often face severe persecution in several countries where Impact Nations is working. Your gift will ensure that they can continue to bring the hope of Christ to people who need to hear the Good News!

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meet vikas

India - Vikas grew up in the slums of Chandigarh, where he and his friends were fascinated with the Bollywood culture that is so prevalent in India. Unfortunately, drug use was the only part of the Bollywood lifestyle that they ever achieved. By the age of 12, Vikas was hopelessly addicted to drugs, and his parents were terrified about his future.

Three years ago, Vikas had hit rock bottom and knew that he needed a change. He enrolled in our sewing school and quickly learned a new set of skills. He also discovered a new group of friends, and the loving support of our team, who helped him break his addiction to drugs.

After graduation, Vikas immediately found employment as a tailor at a local shop. But when the pandemic struck,, the shop closed down and Vikas lost his job. Determined to provide for himself, Vikas consulted with our trainers and counselors and secured a small loan for his very own mobile sewing cart. He now runs a small tailoring business on the corner of one of the busiest streets in Chandigarh. His father beams with pride as he tells everyone about his son, the tailor.

Vikas' story is one of hope, transformation, and freedom. He went from being a hopeless addict to a successful small business owner. We are so proud of Vikas and everything he has accomplished!

Every year, Impact Nations trains hundreds of young men and women just like Vikas, providing them with the skills that they need to overcome crippling poverty. You can be a part of their story. You can help someone gain marketable skills and start a business of their own.

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