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Undisclosed Nation - With his wife and son, Nathan left his home country and traveled thousands of kilometers to spread the gospel in a neighboring nation. They had experienced abundant life in Christ, and they were determined to share that life with others.

Pastor Nathan was clearly anointed to preach the Gospel, and soon he found that many people were gathering to hear the Good News about Jesus. The Gospel began to spread like wildfire throughout their small village.

It wasn’t long, however, before they faced violent opposition. Zealots representing the national religion were determined to put a stop to all Christian activity. With the backing of the government, these thugs had free rein to terrorize Pastor Nathan and his growing community of Jesus followers.

One day, while Pastor Nathan and his wife and young son were praying in their home with fellow believers, their meeting erupted into chaos. Suddenly, four men, filled with rage, stormed into their small wooden hut to terrorize all who were gathered. No one was spared. The men even lashed out at the women and children, beating them and throwing everyone out onto the street.

Satisfied that they had put a stop to the prayer meeting, the thugs next turned their attention to Pastor Nathan’s home. Soon, the small wooden structure was ablaze while he looked on, bleeding and broken.

When it was all said and done, Pastor Nathan and his family were left without a home. The community was so filled with terror that no one was willing to house them, afraid that their house would be next. The family spent several days sleeping in the streets until we could bring relief.

Pastors like Nathan face severe persecution in several countries where Impact Nations is working. Your gift will ensure that they can continue to bring the hope of Christ to people who need to hear the Good News!

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Set Broken Bones

Help cover the medical bills when a pastor has been beaten. 
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Release from Prison

Pay for a pastor's bail after they have been wrongfully imprisoned.
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Rescue a Widow

Help provide for a widow after her husband has been mrtyred.
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