The Gift of Hope

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Nepal - Abandoned and alone, Binsa Kumal thought she had no future. But God had a wonderful plan in store for her…

Binsa’s early years were spent watching her father wrestle with alcoholism. At the age of seven, Binsa witnessed the end of his battle as he committed suicide. Filled with fear and uncertainty, her mother abruptly eloped with an abusive man, leaving Binsa with a neglectful uncle. For years, Binsa grew up without any love, care or attention. Her uncle wouldn’t even enroll her in school.

Fueled by rage, Binsa eventually turned to drugs. As her addiction got the better of her, she attempted to take her own life on several occasions. But God had other ideas and spared her life each time. Eventually, she found herself taking sewing classes in a village where her cousin was a pastor. When Binsa learned that Jesus was with her in the midst of her pain, she believed and received Christ. She even enrolled in a one year Bible school!

Meanwhile, Binsa’s mother had returned with her abusive husband. He hated Christianity and was determined to make Binsa’s life miserable—she had to find a new place to live in a hurry. She discovered a sense of belonging when she was welcomed as the newest resident of House of Hope, where she completed the trauma recovery course and received ongoing mentorship, along with skills and business training.

After graduation, Binsa was given an internship with At Home Furniture, a Christian owned business in Kathmandu. Her new employers are discipling Binsa, and she has begun preaching occasionally at the church that they started in their shop. She has also learned to weld and recently recruited other girls from her villagethe House of Hope to join her in welding. Since her time at House of Hope, Binsa can’t contain the hope that she has found in Christ, sharing Jesus every opportunity she gets.

Every year, the House of Hope ministers to dozens of women like Binsa. This one year program provides a safe place for Nepal’s most vulnerable women to discover their destiny through ongoing discipleship and skills training. You can help!

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Child's Education

Send a child to school for a year while their mother is restored and trained. This includes books and school fees.
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Skills Training

During their Year of Transformation in the House of Hope, women learn marketable skills, preparing them to provide for themselves and their children upon graduation. 
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Start a Small Business

Empower a woman with the capital she needs to start a business. It could be anything from tailoring to a food cart.
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One Year of Transformation

Provide a safe and secure enviornment for an at-risk woman to learn skills like handicrafts, farming, tailoring, and welding alongside soft skills like parenting, values, inner healing, and leadership.
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