Order Steve's latest book today

Order Steve's latest book today

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Pursuing the Mystery of Christ is an invitation to enter into a journey of discovery and ever-deepening revelation of the eternal, transcendent riches found in Jesus Christ. Along the way, you will encounter Christ:

  • Beyond the bounds of time and space
  • Revealed in the foundations of creation and the cosmos
  • Throughout the pages of the Old Testament
  • Opening the heart of the mystery: The Incarnation, fully God and Man
  • Including us today and forever in the Transfiguration

As our revelation of Christ grows, the Gospel that we carry expands, profoundly impacting us and our capacity to see Him moving in our world. If you have a longing to go deeper with Jesus, and to embrace a bigger, more transformative Gospel, then Pursuing the Mystery of Christ will challenge and encourage you on your journey.

Our pursuit of the Christ-mystery will never end, but along the way, as we encounter the depths of who He really is, we are being transformed, increasingly made into His likeness.

"Steve models the rare wisdom of recognizing and bowing to Mystery when he sees it."
Dr. Bradley Jersak, author of A More Christlike God

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