Sekota Water Project



Sekota Water Project

Sekota School Filters

Location: Sekota, ET

Budget: $5600.00

Goal: Provide Safe Water for 2000 Students

UPDATE: This project will reach so many more people than we originally anticipated! We have received a donation of an additional 250 filters that will be distributed in Ethiopia. Additional funds are needed to distribute these filters, so we are still welcoming donations. Be sure to follow us on Facebook to see all of the project updates.

The Problem

Sekota is a city of extreme poverty located in Northern Ethiopia, 600km from the capital city of Addis Ababa. Due to severe drought, mothers and girls often walk up to 6 hours to fetch safe water for their family.

There are small creeks, ponds, and springs in the area, but these contaminated sources leave children sick from water-borne diseases.

The Solution

Our partners at the Life Center are perfectly positioned to solve this problem. They are currently working in two elementary schools in Sekota, where they are interacting with over 2000 students. The schools have access to shallow wells, but the water is unsafe.

Life Center recently installed two filters at Azeba Elementary School. The filters have been well cared for and are already making a difference. Two filters, however, are hardly enough for their 1500 students. There are another 500 students at Aba-Yohannes Elementary School who are also waiting for clean water.

Without clean water, children and teachers are often absent due to illness. Life Center will provide storage tanks on site, ensuring that there is always access to water. The Sawyer water filter will purify this water to 99.9%. Students' and teachers' health will improve within 72 hours, leading to better education in this impoverished city. 

YOU can bring clean water to these students.

The budget of $3000 will provide:

  • One water filter for each classroom
  • Filter and Sanitation training for all teachers and students
  • Storage tanks for water
  • Follow-up visits to ensure proper filter usage

That's only $1.50 per student!


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