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The Beatitudes stand as the foundation of Jesus teaching, inviting us into greater depths of life with Him, and turning our attention outward to a world in turmoil. They are filled with the richness of paradox—in the midst of facing our spiritual poverty, our sadness, our weakness, even persecution, Jesus declares we are blessed. In the Beatitudes we discover that the inward journey leads us outward; the call to go deep with Jesus draws us upward to His eternal and cosmic perspective.

This is a book written specifically for this time of unprecedented crisis. These eight blessings of Christ will both comfort and empower us to be much needed light-bearers for a world in great need.

Drawing upon both ancient and modern sources from across the church spectrum, Steve takes the reader into the richness found in each of Jesus’ eight great blessings. 

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Editorial Reviews

"While some do not take the Beatitudes seriously at all, others see them as a new law by which to compare our spirituality. Steve has found a living path between; fruit of the Spirit expressions of the life of Jesus."

Paul Young, author The Shack, Cross Roads, Eve, Lies We Believe About God, The Pastor

At a time when a pandemic is driving anxiety, disparity and global hunger, The Beatitudes for a Time of Crisis, offers us practical hope as Steve takes the Sermon on the Mount beyond theory and into practice; beyond a private life and into a public faith. Those of us in the West have kept our faith in the church, and the values of the kingdom in our suburban neighborhoods. But where is Jesus? His presence and His ways are found not in the safety of our polite Christian opinions or preservation of self, but in the risky participation with those in the margins and the self-emptying acts of life that He calls bliss.

Andrew and Heather Robinson
Senior Leaders, Crazy Love Church, Walla Walla WA

This is more than just timely –– it’s prophetic, guiding us to be part of the radical work Jesus is up to right now.

Steve Sjogren
KindnessCom; Author of Conspiracy of Kindness

As the church of Jesus and humanity itself faces it’s biggest challenge and re-set in generations, Steve’s book provides a compass of hope, deep reflection and transformation to help us be those agents of change shaping what the church and society will look like on the other side of COVID. The revelation of Jesus he teaches from the Beatitudes is what he has walked out for decades.

Fini de Gersigny
Founder, Senior Leader Jubilee Church Sydney

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In the midst of pandemic, polarization and racial injustice, Steve reveals the beatitudes as a loving invitation to participate with Jesus in the renewal of all things. This book leads us deeper into ourselves, our neighborhoods and the very life of God.

Jesse Harden
Founding Pastor, New Creation, Albuquerque

"We have been inspired and blessed by Steve’s insights on the Beatitudes, encouraging us in these days of upheaval. He challenges us to put into practice what it means to live in Christ, to know Him and His ways."

David and Cynthia Pearson
Founders of NuVenture Nepal & I Thirst International

Steve Stewart has been a father, a mentor, and a guide to many; I am privileged to be one of them. He has great wealth of wisdom that comes from his experience of spending time with God and traveling into nations to spend time with many great leaders. This book comes in the right time when people are going through a time of crises. It will teach how to face challenges and what should be our attitude while going through these. The Beatitudes for a Time of Crisis is going to be a huge blessing to the nations, as all his previous books have been.

Randeep Mathews Senior Founder & Pastor
New Life City Church, India

The Beatitudes for a Time of Crisis by Papa Steve Stewart (as I love to call him) is a book every Christian Minister serving people needs to read. In these times of crisis, I have found myself feeling helpless and overwhelmed at the face of all the pain, abuse, economic injustice and hunger that have been escalated by the global pandemic. The Beatitudes for a Time of Crisis teaches us how to move forward into this pain - to be salt and light that comes from Jesus' hands to our world.

Annabelle Nakabiri Ssebakijje
Founder/Executive Director, Remnant Generation

Oh, that we would see Jesus. Crisis is the new norm. Nations cry out for peace, mercy and kindness, yet in crisis this seems so elusive - It is not! Steve Stewart’s latest book challenges us to feel the tears of the nations, to hear the cry, to discern the palpable violent anger, and then allow Holy Spirit to manifest Christ so substantially in us as to turn the tide. Thank you, Papa Steve, for providing the clearest revelation yet of how Christ reveals himself to His creation through His created, for such a time as this. Why not accept Steve's invitation and plunge into the fullness of the Christ of the beatitudes revealed in the pages of this book.

Craig Stephens
Territorial Envoy, NSW Central Coast, Salvation Army, Australia

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