Medical Clinics

Help us provide medical treatment for the desperately poor


For some, going to the doctor isn't an option...

The Need

Most of our Journeys of Compassion include our mobile medical clinics. Our teams of doctors and nurses partner with local medical professionals to care for the sick in remote and impoverished communities, where access to medicine is too expensive or just doesn't exist.

These clinics have been recognized by the UN as an efficient means of treating hundreds of patients every day. We are often able to provide some basic dental care, and sometimes reading glasses are provided as well.

Every patient receives anti-parasite medication that serves to reduce malnutrition by up to 62% and greatly improves school attendance. On many occasions, our medical teams have been able to diagnose life-threatening illnesses and then provide the means for emergency care at a local hospital.

You can help

You can provide anti-parasite medicine for hundreds of people for only $50, or provide all of the medicine required for a one-day clinic for only $400.


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