Hope Farm is Thriving 

The Hope Farm was planted by our partners at the Remnant Generation in an effort to provide sustainable nutritious foods for the young women, children, and expecting mothers living at the princess shelter. This year we have seen significant growth in both crops planted and interest in tending to the gardens.

At the beginning of the year there were 50 beds producing crops, now that number has expanded to 125 beds! This expansion is a result of additional seeds being donated and the successful transplant of healthy crops from one garden bed to another. Additionally, many residents are taking an interest in gardening. One of the young women, Annet, takes charge in caring for the garden. She loves to tend to the garden and teach other residents how to keep the crops healthy, and harvest the vegatation.


Christmas in Uganda

This year, over 2,000 families celebrated Christmas with a gift from Impact Nations. Having a meal on Christmas Day isn't always given. However, all these people want to thank you for making their Christmas wonderful.

The Impact Nations family provided well over 798,000 meals throughout 2022.


Gardening in Kalonga

For over a decade, the people of Kalonga have had food shortages to the extent that the majority of families simply wake up to look for a meal for the day.

This can be attributed to poor farming methods, use of synthetic chemicals and weather conditions that led to soil depletion. Food shortage doesn't only lead to hunger but also sicknesses and prolongs the cycle of poverty .

With support from Impact Nations, the community received Thrive's training module for organic gardening and have learnt that the situation in Kalonga can be changed by building soil that makes healthy plants and by growing foods that prevent diseases. This is so much better than depending on foods that actually cause disease. All this can be done without using expensive tractors, expensive irrigation systems or synthetic chemicals.

We have started our first life garden at the Hope and Care farm (which was also fully purchased by Impact Nations) in Kalonga.

25 young people have taken the first training and we have 40 garden beds dug and planted.

Many participants have already dug their own garden beds at their homes and will be provided with their own seeds during the Journey of Compassion to Uganda next month.

This project is going to spread out to the surrounding communities; training people on how to grow their own healthy food using best practices, low cost, and great yeilds from a small space.


Gardening Pilot

Our pilot garden in the Kyakka 2 refugee camp just had their first harvest. With the excellent training of Thrive, the local team has learned to grow nutritious varieties of food instead of the standard, nutrient deficient maize.

Impact Nations is committed to bringing sustainable solutions to communities that promote independence instead of dependence.


Afghan Refugees

Refugees from Afghanistan have found an aparment complex where they are living three families per two bedroom apartment. With no social connection and a language barrier, they are struggling to survive. The Impact NAtions family has provided three weeks of food for 270 families. Stay tuned as we are working to find a way to help these families in a long term and sustainable way.




A Thank you from Kalonga


Kansiime' husband died last year from an accident when a car hit his bodaboda. When the husband died, she was unable to pay for the house rent because she was not working. Her landlord gave her a job to work as a guard. This would cover the cost of her rent but she does not earn any money at the moment and spends days without a meal.

Kansiime only eats when the tenants of the houses she guards offer her a meal. However, Richard's team in Uganda has been able to ensure that Kansiime continues to have food through the lockdown.

Praise God brethren. My name is Kansiime Louis. I lost my husband. I appreciate so much the support you have given me, thank you very much for the help, I appreciate so much, may God bless you so much!



What's Easter?

92Hands discovered a group of refugees in Kyakka II refugee camp who were literally starving. The effects of COVID on Uganda's economy have trickled down to the point that these refugees are experiencing a 40% reduction in food supply.

"When the government brings food, there isn't even enough to last a week."

This means the settlement was resorting to boiling leaves for food.

In just five days, the Impact Nations family came together and sent a month of food to 610 families!




Trinity and his team (92Hands) delivered meals to 10,000 refugees in Uganda over the Christmas week. The refugee's heartfelt comments are beautiful.

"I can't see what you've brought me but I can feel the warmth of your generousity by just holding this bag in my hands. Asante sana!"


India has been one of the hardest hit nations in the world during the pandemic. Their private sector unemployment reached 80% at one point. When our partners were finally able to reach the brick factories, they found a community wrestling with starvation, suicide, and depression.

"The whole country was starting to adapt the new normal life but the new life didn’t included these people as it’s difficult for them to maintain social distancing and they have to go from place to place for work. So they were still unaccepted by the people.

We started going to the slums daily and started a feeding program there. One day when we were feeding the people a young girl came to us with a book in her hand and told that she was missing school. She was one of the girl we got in school last year. She told us that she really wanted to study. So we took the book and started teaching her.

We realized that this pandemic has taken away the opportunity from the kids to study. The kids just started adapting the school environment. We started the tuition in the area and started teaching them in small groups."

Hope is returning to this precious community. Our partners continue to feed families and tutor the children in the midst of the difficulty.

Now we are faced with another opportunity to change the future for so many children. The government of India is opening schools again on October 19th. The 862 children that the Impact Nations family rescued last year will once again be able to go to school!

In addition, we have already raised enough for another 230 children to begin their education. How many more can we rescue from a life of slavery and send to school?

YOU can send a child to school for only $130 today!


A Truly Great Impact


"Dear Pastora Sue and Impact Nations Partners,

Grace and peace from the Father and the love of our Lord Jesus Christ be unto you!

We have just done our food relief distribution last July 09, Thursday. I decided to go the farthest town where the Local Government didn’t declare it as one of the affected areas of the typhoon Ambo. We have gone through the boarders of Eastern Samar travelled 3 ½ hours going there and another 3 ½ hours going home. A very tiring trip but heart fulfilling reaching one of the small town of Northern Samar which is the Municipality of Gamay where I found so many families are still struggling for hunger and for uncomfortable shelter. People told me that they don’t receive relief because there town was not counted as affected by typhon Ambo but they were not exempted of the devastation by the typhon Ambo.

“Thank you God for Impact Nations”, one of their expressions upon receiving the food pack for a week. We fed 80 families with a 5 kilos of Premium rice, ½ dozen noodles, ½ dozen Milk, and 5 pcs. Sardines. They want to express their gratitude to the supporters and partners of Impact Nations.

Truly you had brought great impact to lives showing them the love of God in action! I can’t really figure out the joy in my heart reaching those families and saving lives !

Again, thank you Impact Nations Australia for the opportunity and the privilege you had given me to be a part of this divine assignment. Whoever you are and where ever we are all of us together making a difference!

I pray for all the Impact Nations partners and supporters that the good Lord will continually bless you more and more!

Let me quote to you a word from the scriptures which says, “He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness.”(2 Cor. 9:10).

God bless you all!"

Pastor Robert Guarino
Impact Nations Philippines
Field Partner


Great News!

Trinity, one of our partners in Uganda has just sent us this amazing report and video. This is just part of the 423,116 meals that have been provided by the Impact Nations family during this crisis.