Cyclone Freddy
Flood Victim Relief

Providing life-saving food, water, and more to 1500 families who lost everything to Cyclone Freddy


Thousands of Homes Destroyed

The Need

Cyclone Freddy made history this week when it circled back onto land and brought havoc across Malawi. At least 225 people are reported dead and thousands of homes have washed away forever.

The flash floods, soil erosion, and landslides cause damage not only to farmlands but also have an immediate impact on the homes and lives of local villagers, endangering their safety.

The families living in the flooded villages are cut off from everything and have lost their food, homes, and even family members.


The Opportunity

Over the last year, Impact Nations has been working closely with Pastors Mark and Richard in Malawi. Together, we have distributed mosquito nets to 112 families and planted gardens intended to provide over 19,000 sustainable meals each month to the poor in their community over the next year alone.

Now, our local partners are hard at work preparing essential food packets for families in the affected villages.

Over 1,500 families in their local region need more than just food. The Impact Nations family is preparing a massive response with everything they will need to survive this storm:

  • 472,500 Meals
  • Clean Water to 2,000 people
  • 100 Tarps
  • 1,500 Blankets
  • 500 Sleeping Mats
  • 150 Mosquito Nets


There's No Time To Waste... Will You Help?

Will you help us bring immediate rescue to families who have lost everything? This is a huge effort but as the Impact Nations family, we can do it. Just $51 will be able to provide clean water, a tarp, and food for three weeks to one of these families.


Your Gifts in Action

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