724 Now in School!

This year we were able to purchase  uniforms, shoes, school supplies, and cover school costs for 724 former brick slave children. Just a few months ago these children used to spend their days working in a brick factory trying to help pay off family debt. Now, these children attend school daily and look forward to changing the narritive of their family for generations to come! 

Among these children was 13 year old Ajay. He had been working in the brick factor for seven years. After the tragic death of his father, Ajay's mother sought out a loan from the brick facotry owner not realizing that it would lead to a life of slavery. When Ajay encountered our team on an outreach he immedately ran towards them declaring that he had alway dreamed of going to school. That dream is now being fulfilled! 



Kanhiya and Kunal

Our friends in India received a call from the schools currently hosting over 2100 students from brick factories. The teachers are so passionate about rescuing children from slave labor that they have made room for an additional 300 students to join next month!

Graduates of our sewing school are already hard at work making uniforms for these new students.


The Stubborn Girl

The tendency to be stubborn is frequently viewed negatively, yet Kajal's stubbornness not only altered her life but also the lives of her siblings. When we first met Kajal, she was 7 years old. She attended school in her village, but when the family moved to the city, everything changed. The siblings were made to forgo their education and work in the kilns. It did not go over well with Kajal at all. She has always wanted to go back to school but was aware that her family cannot afford it. Her family was totally unwilling to enroll any of their children in school when we first suggested that they send them to school in 2019. They had the view that the more hands that are employed, the greater the income.

When we contacted them once more in 2020, they made the same choice. Kajal knew she had to act since she did not want to pass up this chance. She and her siblings stopped going to the kilns to work. At the end of the month when parents got their salary they realized their kids income did not contribute anything. They were heartbroken to know that the hard labor their kids did all day was all in vain. Learning this truth the parents decided to take the step and send their kids to school. Kajal and her three siblings were happily enrolled in school.

One of the class's smartest students, Kajal even took first place in her most recent test. Now that their children are in school, the parents are pleased with them and encourage other parents to do the same.


From Rich to Poor

According to Mahesh, "My father developed a drinking problem, and we were forced to sell all our property and farms." This is the tale of how they got into what seemed like endless debt. Mahesh, who was 13 years old, attended a reputable school and led a happy life with his family. However, things changed as his father's drinking habit developed as a result of some trading losses. Everything they owned was sold. Even their own family members would not take them in, leaving them with nowhere to go. Mahesh was soon made to labour there by force once his father began working in the kilns.

At age 34, he wanted his children to live happy lives and pursue education. But he was unable to. The owner of the brick kiln held the key to his child's future.

Mahesh could see hope again when our team arrived. He believes that he will one day be able to escape this slavery and have a free life. His children and his children's generations will be free from the inhumane conditions they currently endure. His two children are now happily enrolled in the school.


303 More!

With your assistance, we will bring an additional 303 children out of slavery! We have a fantastic new development to share with you in the fight against child slavery.

In partnership with other organizations, we are launching a joint program to rescue more children from slavery. The need is immense, and we are determined to make an impact!

Please watch the video above for more information and join us in this critical endeavor.


A Camel, an Elephant, and a Motorbike

When we met Yasar, he was working in the brick kiln with his family. Life was tough, and his children weren't attending school.

Yasar had a dream of owning a motorbike, but it seemed impossible. However, our team helped him learn to sew, and he eventually earned enough to buy a sewing machine. With this sewing machine, he began making uniforms and clothing items, which allowed him to send his children to school.

But the story doesn't end there. Yasar's dream of owning a motorbike became a reality. He saved up enough money and proudly purchased a motorbike, making transportation much easier for his family.

Now, Yasar and his family have moved from the brick kiln and are living a new life filled with hope and opportunities.


Freed to Learn

Ashraf and his family were trapped in a cycle of slavery in the brick kilns. The situation was bleak, and their children were unable to attend school.

When our team discovered Ashraf and his family, we provided them with an opportunity for freedom. Ashraf learned the skill of sewing, and he now earns his living as a tailor.

With their newfound income and freedom, Ashraf's children are now able to attend school and receive an education. The future is brighter for the entire family.


Shama and Swat

Shama and Swat, both in their late 30s, worked as slaves in brick kilns. They had no hope for a better future and felt trapped in their circumstances.

When Impact Nations reached out to them, they were given the opportunity to learn tailoring. They embraced the chance and acquired new skills.

With their sewing machines, Shama and Swat now generate income and have regained their freedom. Their children are attending school, and the cycle of poverty has been broken.