Journey of Compassion


  • LOCATION: Nepal
  • DATES:  Oct 15 - Oct 24, 2023
  • EARLY REGISTRATION (airfare not included): $2495.00 ($3540.00 CAN) Per Person
    (Early Registration Ends: Aug 15, 2023)
  • REGULAR REGISTRATION (airfare not included): $2595.00 ($3680.00 CAN) Per Person
    (Trip Registration Closes: Sept 15, 2023)
  • PLEASE NOTE: Registration costs MUST be donated in full by the registration deadline on Sept 15, 2023
  • Outside of Canada, all journeys are listed and processed in US dollars. Airfare: Not included. Arrive on Oct 15th and Depart on Oct 24th. Please do not buy non-refundable tickets before hearing from us. If you would like to receive a tax receipt for you flights, please contact for details BEFORE purchasing tickets.


Join the Adventure of a Lifetime!

Educate rural communities where illiteracy rates are 60% or higher

Share the gift of clean water with communities suffering from water born disease

Bring medical care reaching people with limited access to healthcare


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Journey Donation 


A Journey of Compassion to Nepal is a unique opportunity to live out the GO of the gospel together. 

Meet the immediate and urgent needs of the community by providing access to clean water. This simple task eliminates water born disease at a community level and allows families to become healthy in a very short time.


What if education wasn't just about going to school?

When the Impact Nations family comes together and helps to educate rural communities where 60% of the population is illiterate. We open the door to generational change.

Many people in the rural communities we will visit do not understand why they are sick. Providing access to clean, safe drinking water not only provides immediate relief to the local population but also provides an opportunity to educate people on personal hygiene, greatly improving the quality of life for them and future generations.

Join us as we meet immediate needs while educating a new generation. As the hands & feet of Jesus, YOU will bring living hope to communities suffering daily from illness.


"Jesus replied, 'they do not need to go away. You give them something to eat'....The number of those who ate was about five thousand men, besides women and children." Mat 14:16&21

Meeting urgent needs isn't just about protecting people from future sickness with clean water. It also means providing free health camps to a community with very limited access to health care.

Because of the poor access to effective healthcare, many people living in rural communities become sick and even die from things that can be easily treated. Join us as we provide free healthcare to ENTIRE communities. Literally saving lives, every day.

Lives and communities will be changed forever!



Join in what God is doing in Nepal by bringing practical (water, health, education) and  God's love for all people.

Be the hands and feet of Jesus as you care for the people who are living on the edges of society.


God is going to use you, stretch you, empower you, and forever change you and those you encounter.



As a member of this Impact team, you will:

  • Minister to refugees living in desperate conditions
  • Share the gospel with people experiencing extreme poverty and grief
  • Prayer walk villages and plant seeds for new churches to be born
  • Distribute water filters to families, providing them with a permanent source of clean, safe drinking water
  • Go from house to house demonstrating the love of Christ in supernatural and practical ways
  • Experience Jesus using you to heal the sick, bring comfort to the hurting, and lead people to Him
  • Have your life changed forever as you discover how God will work through you to impact lives

As a member of this Impact team, you will:

  • Meet the immediate needs of rural communities
  • Participate in health camps that will bring access to free healthcare to rural communities 
  • Distribute life-saving water filters to families, providing them with a permanent source of clean, safe drinking water
  • Go from house to house meeting new people and helping educate them in basic personal hygiene
  • Be forever changed as you discover that God is longing to use you to transform the world through you



    • Does Impact Nations Require Vaccinations?

      Impact Nations does NOT require team members to have specific vaccinations. However, there are countries which have their own requirements for entry that dictate if a particular vaccine is required. The best way to know which vaccines may be needed is to discuss the trip with a certified travel clinic doctor. Travel clinic doctors stay up to date on all the vaccine requirements as it relates to travel.

    • What Does A Typical Day On A Journey Look Like?

      After a fairly early breakfast, we meet for about 45 minutes of worship, prayer and time in care groups. These groups of 6-7 people are a great way to be encouraged and strengthened throughout the Journey. Then we head out to that day’s community. For about six of the days we will conduct mobile medical clinics.* If you’re not a medical person––no worries, most of us aren’t either. But there are important roles for every member, whether praying for the hundreds of sick who will come, distributing anti-parasite medicine, weighing babies, being a runner or helping in the pharmacy. During the day, small groups go out into the community to pray for people on the streets, organize activities for children, and often just listen and love people. In the evening we go back to the community and hold a celebration where there are songs, testimonies, the Gospel is preached and the sick are healed. You are the one who leads people to Jesus and who prays for the sick. These outdoor gatherings always have a major impact on the community and often lead to new churches and ministries being established.

      On days when we don’t conduct clinics, we engage in things like visiting an orphanage or school, preaching and baptizing in prisons, doing a feeding program for children, or simple practical projects. On Sundays, the team breaks into small groups and goes to a number of churches where we will preach, teach the congregation how to heal the sick, and give testimonies. This is always a very special day.

      *Please note, not all Journeys include medical clinics. Those that do not will have a greater emphasis on projects and outreach.

    • Are Journeys Tax-Deductible?

      United State and Canada

      All donations made for supporting a particular Journey of Compassion ARE tax-deductible. Call the office for more information.


      We are currently not able to give tax receipts in any other countries.

    • What's Included In The Journey Donation Target?

      The Journey Donation Target covers everything the team needs from the moment they arrive at the moment they depart as they serve and bless the people in the developing world we are committed to ministering to practically and supernaturally. This includes medical clinic expenses, water filters, food distribution and other tangible meetings of physical needs as determined by the journey location and the pressing needs presented. Also included in the donation are the team's needs while on the ground.

    • What's Involved With Orientation, Equipping & Team Building?

      Since we come from different countries and backgrounds, and many of us have never met before, each Journey begins with an orientation and training time, usually for two days, where several things happen:

      • Together, we learn about the Kingdom of God, principles of healing, God’s heart for justice and the poor.
      • We learn specific ministry skills like how to effectively heal the sick, how to hear God’s voice and receive words of knowledge.
      • We learn the various roles and components of conducting a successful mobile medical clinic.
      • We learn about the history and culture of the people to whom we will be ministering.
      • Every person has the opportunity to receive impartation prayer from the Journey leaders and fellow team members.
      • This is a key time of team building.
    • Where Do I Get More Information?

      Sorry, we don't have all the info you need here. Please send us a quick note and we'll get you the answers you're looking for! Email not your thing? Feel free to call 1-877-736-0803
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