Gaza Relief
Provide life-saving food, water, and medical supplies to families in the war zone.

Gaza Relief 

The Need:

We've been deeply moved by the dire situation facing the people of Gaza. The World Health Organization states that "over a million people are expected to face catastrophic hunger." Our team, guided by prayers and the pursuit of solutions, has recently experienced a moment of grace that has allowed us to act in response to this humanitarian disaster.

Through a friend of Impact Nations, we suddenly found ourselves in a Zoom meeting with a Christian leader in Bethlehem who has found a back-channel method for providing food packs for desperate families in Northern Gaza. We immediately arranged to feed up to 450 people!

This mission is just the beginning. We need your help to continue reaching those in dire need and expanding our impact. Your generous support can help us provide life-saving food, water, and medical supplies to the most vulnerable, especially in areas where traditional aid channels are blocked or insufficient.



How you can help:

Pray: Please keep the people of Gaza, our team, and all of our international partners in your prayers.

Spread the Word: Share our mission with your friends, and family, and on social media.
Awareness is the first step toward action.

Donate: Every dollar you give today will go directly towards funding our relief efforts  in Gaza.  




What We have done

With your help so far we have been able to aid in two food distribution trips. Between both of these trips food packs were provided to 135 tents feeding over 4,000 people!

These food packs contain basic nessecities such as clean water, flour, oil, and vegetables. In cases where small children are living in the tent we will also provide milk for them. Additionally, the team prepares some bread in advance to bring with them. This bread is then distributed to the children so that they can have something to eat immediately. 



Leave a note or special instructions.


Leave a note or special instructions.


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