Let's Be Alone, Together

In this unprecedented time of isolation, we need each other more than ever. Thankfully, God has provided us with an incredible family from all over the world.

We thought it would be fun to create a space where we can be a family together, even though we are all stuck in our spaces. Visit this page every day to see what’s new. There will be many opportunities for you to get involved and interact with other members of the Impact Nations family.

We've added a chat box (lower right of your screen) so we can interact with each other. Leave us a note!

How You Can Help

As we have spoken to each of our ministry partners this week, it has become clear that their needs in the coming weeks will be significant. Like you, their heart is with the poor and the vulnerable. At this point they are all focused on feeding the hungry.

During this crisis, Impact Nations will be directing funds from our Isaiah 58 Feeding Fund to help our friends feed the poor. 100% of those donations go directly to feeding the poor. We do not take any percentage for our administrative costs.


First John Week Two

Not A Trickle Down Gospel: A Discussion with Matt McDonald, and Chris Armistad

Thank You!

The Pastor: A Crisis

Mike and Annabelle

First John Week One

Prophetic Church (Pt. 4)- Upward, Inward, Outward

Prophetic Church with Fini & Isi de Gersigny

A Prophetic Church for Today- Part 2

No Middle Ground- A Prophetic Church for Today

Steve discusses how we are now in the midst of a Spirit-anointed time (Lu 4:18). For us as believers and a part of His Church,THERE IS NO MIDDLE GROUND. Either we will silently embrace the world’s system, or we will speak and live prophetically.

Steve explores what it really means to be a prophetic Church in these days. (WARNING: What he has to say will likely be discomforting.)

Speak Life and Prophesy to the Dry Bones

Tonight, Christina is teaching out of Ezekial 37.

Don't miss our Global House church on Zoom immediately following tonight's teaching. You can find the link to join in the chat box in the lower right of your screen.

Live with Brad Jersak

Welcome to a live recording of the Impact Nations podcast. Tonight, Brad Jersak discusses the Old Testament and gives guidance on how to read it this side of the cross.

Brad's latest book, "The Pastor: A Crisis" is now available for pre-order.

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Special Update from Steve & Tim

What God has done in the first six months of 2020 and a look to the future.

Live with Richard in Uganda

The Sermon on the Mount

Steve continues his series on Matthew 5-7. Tonight's passage is "Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets..." Matthew 5:17

Live Worship

Join Tim & Bethany Stewart right here for live worship on Thursday June 18th at 7pm MDT.

Thanks for joining us to worship the King of Kings!

Tonight’s songs:
Raise a Hallelujah  |  Wanna Be Like You  |  O Come to the Altar  |  Jesus Paid It All

The Sermon on the Mount

Having completed the beatitudes last week, Steve is continuing to teach through the Sermon on the Mount. Tonight: Salt and Light.

Beatitudes Part 12

A Converstaion on Race

What does it mean to be peacemakers during the Black Lives Matter movement?

Interview with Randeep

Today we are speaking with our friend Randeep. He and his team are feeding as many as 1500 people per day in Northern India. The pandemic has completely shut down the Indian economy and people are desperate for food and hope.

If you would like to help Randeep feed the hungry, visit

Beatitudes Part 11

Blessed are the peacemakers

Feeding In Bulgaria

Ivan and DeeDee are feeding families in the Roma villages in Bulgaria during the pandemic.

Beatitudes Part 10

Beatitudes Part 9

Impact Family Worship Night

Live with Trinity from Uganda

You can provide internet for 24 students for a week for only $65. To give, click here.

Crazy Love's Vision

Beatitudes Part 8

Podcast 3-19

We're chatting with Brad Jersak about the resurrection.

The Beatitudes Part 7 with Steve Stewart

Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy.

This beatitude invites and challenges us to open our hearts and minds to the essence of who God is, and therefore, what He calls us to be.

Interview with Carlos in Colombia

The Beatitudes Part 6

Steve is teaching on Matthew 5:6

Don't miss our Global House Church on Zoom immediately following tonight's teaching. Check the chat box in your lower right for the link!

Great News!

Trinity, one of our partners in Uganda has just sent us this amazing report and video. This is just part of the 423,116 meals that have been provided by the Impact Nations family during this crisis. 

Interview with Wm Paul Young

Join us here on Wednesday April 22nd (10am PDT/11am MDT) for a live broadcast of the Impact Nations Podcast.

We will be joined by special guest, Wm Paul Young, author of The Shack

This broadcast is presented by our COVID-19 feeding program. Join us as we feed those who are starving as a result of the current crisis. We are currently striving to feed families in the slums of Kampala. To learn more, visit

The Beatitudes Part 6 with Brad Jersak

Brad Jersak claims that the Sermon on the Mount is Christ’s radical program of recovery, the Jesus Way to freedom and the Cross-Way into his Kingdom. Join us as he ponders the Beatitudes and beyond.

Click here to purchase Brad's book A More Christlike Way.

Interview with Brad Jersak


The Beatitudes Part 5

A Message from Steve

We recently brought a number of our international partners together for a Zoom meeting; we invited those who are on the front lines each day, distributing food to the desperately hungry. Christina, Tim, Sue Walker and I managed to gather six partners from Uganda, Kenya, India and the Philippines. I had set an hour aside, but we talked for a full two hours. The meeting had several purposes: Read more...

  • It was the first time some of them had ever met each other.
  • It gave an opportunity to describe the unique challenges they are facing as they seek to get food to the very hungry in their communities (in fact, some are actually threatened with starvation).
  • They were able to share creative ideas among themselves.
  • We were able to encourage them, to express our deep appreciation for all they are doing, and to pray for them.

It was so important to give these partners the opportunity to share their stories with each other. At the same time, hearing accounts of what is going on in the slums and villages was a very sobering experience. Our partners, and those working with them, are making huge sacrifices that we in the West cannot fully fathom. They are laying everything on the line: their personal finances, their time and energy (they are working extremely long hours every day), and their own personal safety and health.


It is important for those of us living in the West to understand that in the developing world, the economic structure for the poor has not changed in millennia––the laborer works all day, then he receives his pay for that day; this is how he provides food for his family’s dinner. There is no monthly paycheck; there is no unemployment or welfare. When the businesses and farms were shut down by the government in response to the pandemic, that day, all financial provision ceased.


Since the time of the early church, history records that with each plague that came, it was the Christians who put themselves in danger in order to care for the sick and the needy. Once again, this is true. Here are just a very few examples from yesterday’s meeting:

  • When Richard’s team in Kalonga, Uganda arrived at “the widows’ land” with enough food packets to feed everyone (250) for two weeks, they were met with great emotion from the community. They had run out of food; in their hunger, they had been eating the seed meant for planting this season’s crop.
  • Trinity and his team live and work in two slums in Kampala. The residents live in a “rabbit warren” of shacks and winding lanes. There is no land available to even plant vegetables. Trinity worked with a man who owns a grocery store, to purchase enough food for 400 families (abut 2,400 people). He then distributed tickets to each household. On Saturday, they will exchanged the tickets for the provisions––enough for two weeks. In this way, the people will not have to gather in unsafe crowds. As well, Trinity is helping the economy of the two slums.
  • The Impact Australia team has been working for over a year now on getting water filters to thousands of school children and hundreds of homes. Building upon this network of relationships, our Philippine partners are distributing family food packets through east Samar with great efficiency. 
  • Joseph, our partner in rural west Kenya has been overseeing the operation of a school for poor children. Once the pandemic began in Kenya, the government required that all the children return to their homes. However, sixty boys and girls had nowhere to return to. Joseph and his team are providing full care for them, including feeding the children. This had become extremely difficult, since the ten churches that usually provide financial support have all closed down. 
  • Annabelle, our partner in Kampala, has 16 teenaged girls and their babies living with her and the Remnant Generation team. She shared stories of beaten and abused girls showing up at her door with nowhere else to go. (Domestic abuse is skyrocketing in Uganda and Kenya.) No-one is allowed to walk on the streets. We listened as the Africans exchanged stories of being beaten with sticks by the soldiers and policemen who patrol the streets. So, getting groceries is a great challenge (no private cars are allowed out). They are now scrambling to find bulk supplies of corn flour and beans, since the store shelves are largely empty. 
  • Some of our partners have discovered that there are many families who have no access to fuel, so the team must transport cooked food, as well as the food packages.

These are only a few “bare-bones” stories from two hours of sharing, crying and praying.


Impact Nations began 16 years ago with two words: Rescuing Lives; it is our mandate from the Lord. During this pandemic, we are paring everything down to one thing: we will feed the hungry in the poorest nations where we work. The global situation has meant that, for now, we cannot visit houses to distribute water filters; men and women cannot gather in our various training centers or small businesses; the children cannot attend Hope & Care School; we cannot operate medical clinics. But we can do our best to ensure that men, women and children do not starve. By providing food, they can live.

Join us in this great purpose. 100% of every gift is going directly to our partners so that they can purchase food. Often, money that is given today, actually becomes food in someone’s hand three days later. We can do this. For many in the West, it is a frightening and uncertain time. In the face of that, I ask you to give what you can so that our brothers and sisters in Africa and Asia can eat.

Please go to Remember, 100% of it will become food in someone’s hands.

Together for the sake of Christ,


1Now I want you to know, dear brothers and sisters, what God in his kindness has done through the churches in Macedonia. 2They are being tested by many troubles, and they are very poor. But they are also filled with abundant joy, which has overflowed in rich generosity. 3For I can testify that they gave not only what they could afford, but far more. And they did it of their own free will. (2 Cor 8:1-3)

Rapid Response in Katanga

Trinity and his team from Era92 have found a creative way to feed the poor. Duirng the COVID lockdown, chairty feeding is illegal. Trinity has found a creative way to get around this and keep the starving poor alive. Click here to read the full report.

Live with Trinity in Katanga

He is Risen!

Christ's Resurrection is a joyous occasion. Even if we are in our homes today. Take a moment to reflect on the wonder of the Resurrection with Steve today.

The Second Day

Have you ever considered what happened to Jesus on the second day?

Good Friday with Steve

As we observe good Friday from our homes today, take some time with Steve Stewart to consider the profound love of Christ's work on the cross.

"They Shall Be Comforted"

Join Christina as she shares her thoughts on Matthew 5:4

Be sure to join us for our Global House Church on Zoom immediately following tonight's teaching. The link will be posted in the chat box in the lower right of your screen.


Interview with Annabelle

Today we are learning what life is like in Kampala for our friends at The Remnant Generation during the coronavirus crisis.

The Power of Sabbath Rest

With everyone at home for the forseeable future, now is the perfect time for Steve to release his newest e-book The Power of Sabbath Rest.

Click here to download it for free right now.

Live with Brad Jersak


The Beatitudes Part 3

Tonight, Steve is teaching from Matthew 5:4 "Blessed are those who mourn..."

Don't miss our Global House Church! We will be gathering together for worship, communion, and fellowship immediately following this teaching. Check the chat in the lower right of your screen towards the end of tonight's teaching to get the link for our Zoom chat.



Our friend, Mike Brawan, is feeding families who are suffering during the quarantine. He is also distributing soap, which is very hard for people to come by.



We were joined by our friend, Richard, as he described life in Uganda during COVID-19. We even invited YOU to be a part of the conversation.


Join us LIVE Friday March 27 at 2pm MDT

We will be joined by our friend, Richard, as he describes life in Uganda during COVID-19. YOU can be a part of the conversation.


When You Pray

In this time of equipping, we want to share a few of the e-books Steve has written over the years. While he is still working on a very relevant e-book on the topic of rest and sabbath, we want to share his e-book on the Lord's Prayer. Download When You Pray here.


The Beatitudes Part 2 Live at 7:30pm MDT, Tuesday March 24

"Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven" Matt 5:3

This, the first Beatitude, is the key that opens the entire Sermon on the Mount, for everything that follows flows from its truth.


Impact Nations Podcast Live at 2pm MDT, Monday March 23

Join in the conversation! We will be chatting with Steve Sjogren at 2pm MDT, but by 2:45pm we will be sharing the Zoom meeting code so that you can ask Steve your questions or share with us a story of how you have seen God work through servant evangelism.

Introducing the new Family page

Tim, Isaiah, and Steve discuss the purpose of this new gathering place

The Beautitudes Part 1