Isaiah 58
Feeding Fund

Isaiah 58
Feeding Fund

“Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble.
Then your light will shine out from the darkness,
and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.”

Isaiah 58:10

The need

Impact Nations works among some of the poorest, most desperate people in the world––those trying to survive in garbage dumps, on sidewalks, in shantytowns and urban slums. We are coming alongside men, women, and children who are suffering from severe malnutrition where death by starvation is a constant threat. Their greatest need is simply to eat.

We are committed to working with poor communities, developing strategies for sustainable transformation. This is why we have helped start farms, gardens and small businesses. However, the first step is often providing meals; when malnutrition and hunger are addressed, then we can begin to develop long term solutions.

The good news is that, in the West, we have a huge capacity to help alleviate severe hunger. Depending on the country we are working in, for every $1, we can provide as many as five meals. So we can make a difference––a big, and immediate one. Every cent that is given to the Isaiah 58 Feeding Program turns into meals for the hungry.


What can you and I do to make meals for the hungry a reality this week?


Make a recurring online contribution at the bottom of this page.


Consider fasting one meal a week, praying for the hungry, and donating what you would have spent buying lunch.


In your community (office, home group, etc.) take a weekly collection to give to the hungry.


Tell others about the Isaiah 58 Feeding Program and invite them to participate. We were all created to make a difference to those who need our help.


Will you join us?

"I think God is waiting for us to act…Waiting for us to recognize that distance can no longer decide who is our neighbor. We can’t choose our neighbors anymore. We can’t choose the benefits of globalization without some of the responsibilities and we should remind ourselves that “love thy neighbor” is not advice: it is a command.
-Jim Wallis


  Yes I want to Rescue Lives with Impact Nations!

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