Rohingya Refugees



Rohingya Refugees


Rohingya Refugees

  • Location: West Bengal, IN
  • Budget: $30,000.00

  • Goal: Provide 250 refugee families with much needed supplies.



Project Complete

The Problem

Since August 2017, an estimated 624,000 refugees have fled Myanmar to escape genocide. Tens of thousands of them have amassed on the eastern border of India. They came with the clothes on there back and little else. They are living in horrific conditions, without access to food, clothing, basic sanitation, or clean water. They cannot get work because they don't speak the language. They cannot return home or they will face certain death.

The Rohingya people believe they have been forgotten. They think they are without hope.


Randeep and his team will be traveling to West Bengal to bring practical demonstrations of God's love, mercy, and justice. You can help. With every $120 that we raise, they will be able to supply another family with improved shelter, winter clothing, hygiene products, and food.

Our brothers and sisters in India have already raised $15,000. Surely we can do the same!



Our partners in India arrived the morning after local protestors had burned down the refugees' temporary shelters. They were able to provide blankets, warm clothing, food, and new tarps. The team reached approximately 300 families, roughly 1300 to 1500 people.

We are currently seeking additional ways to make a lasting impact for the Rohingya refugees, so you haven't missed your chance to make a difference. Give today!



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Leave a note or special instructions.


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