Philippines Typhoon Relief

Provide Hope to those Affected by Typhoon Ambo

Philippines Typhoon Relief

Provide Hope to those Affected by Typhoon Ambo



Mid COVID Catastrophe

The Story

On May 14th, the Philippines was ravaged by Typhoon Ambo, bringing devastation to an estimated 47,000 families. All of this in the midst of the misery of the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, their streets are flooded, their homes collapsed, and their water supply has been contaminated.

One man called in tears:

“Somebody from Jipapad called me yesterday begging for our help through water filters because whole town of Jipapad was flashed out with muddy flood and so the drinking water is very critical for their health. He said that if they will have a water filter they can get water from the river and that will sustain for them for a long period.”


Meet Pastor Ronnalyn

Ronnalyn and her team have spent the last seven weeks working tirelessly to provide food to the starving people of the Philippines who lost their incomes due to the coronavirus. She has been consistently pouring herself out for the sake of the poor and desperate, demonstrating the love of Christ.

The Need:  Clean Water and Shelter

Typhoon Ambo destroyed Ronnalyn’s home and church. She now has nowhere to distribute food from. In fact, she has nowhere to call home.

$6250 will enable Ronnalyn to re-establish her home so she can resume caring for the poor.

Additionally,  families in towns like Jipapad will face severe illness or even death due to contaminated water. A $75 filter will provide safe drinking water for up to three families, sustaining them through this crisis and for many years to come. Our goal is to ship 200 of these filters to Eastern Samar in order rescue 3000 people.

Our partners will also distribute tarps to families in order to bring temporary relief from the elements.


Will you help?

Will you help Ronalyn and her community recover?
Will you help her resume feeding for the poor?
Will you provide them with clean water?


Project Updates


  • Read more about lives that are being changed...
      • May 2020: Beginning to Recover

        CoMbo: Fondness in Anxiety

        People would fondly call their crisis as "CoMbo" short term for COVID-19 and
        Typhoon Ambo crisis. But behind their laughs are anxiety on how they can
        bounce back from the COVID-19 work restrictions and now Typhoon Ambo’s

        “...coming to our aid makes me very grateful, because this was my biggest concern, the effect and harm on our water after the typhoon. Thank you for bringing us this natural and healthy water filtration system.”
        -Mayor Benjamin Ver

        Our partners in the Philippines have begun distributing water filters to the victims of typhoon Ambo. Click here to read the full report.


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