School of Purpose

Providing Vocational Training for Women at Risk



Tailored Skills Program

The Need

Uganda is among the countries with the highest teenage pregnancies in Africa. Nearly 40% of women have given birth before the age of 18. Many of those women are uneducated, leaving them with no hope of breaking the cycle of poverty.

Remnant Generation is committed to helping young mothers achieve a level of formal or vocational education to enable them to achieve their Godly purpose. Unfortunately, many of these women are so far behind in their education that a return to primary school is no longer a possibility.



The Project

The School of Purpose is a tailored skills training program that will incorporate both formal and informal teaching strategies to ensure that no girl is left behind. The school will be set up on Remnant Generation’s existing property and will include courses such as; knitting, urban farming, hairdressing, literacy and numeracy, life skills, and Bible classes.

In the first year, 30 women that are currently in high-risk situations will be welcomed into the program. By year two, the School of Purpose will be ready to expand to 50 students, 30 of which will be paying tuition in order to help subsidize those who are in the care of Remnant Generation.



The Remnant Generation has now instituted a salon on wheels as well as a catering business. The top students earn the right to an apprenticeship in the salon, the profits of which will soon fund the entire program.

Impact Nations has run similar programs in India, where we had over 400 women graduate from sewing schools.  Our Indian partners have reported that 85% of those women went on to be self-sustained as a result of their new skills.  We are praying for similar results in Uganda.



Project Updates

Impact Nations started sponsoring The Remnant Generation in 2017. Since then, reports have been coming in of lives that are being transformed.

Completely Transformed

Norah graduated from the School of Purpose in November.

The man who took her as an intern taught her to cook one dish in this parking lot behind a bank. She decided to cook the bank employees lunch. Norah got more customers and the man gave her the business. She now sells 100 customers lunch in the bank dining room every day.

 She’s hired 10 staff including the auntie who used to persecute her. She pays commission on each plate they sell. She makes 1000 UGX profit on each plate.

Norah is 20 years old.

  Yes I want to Empower Teenage Mothers in Uganda!

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