Daughters of Destiny

Give prostituted women an opportunity at a new life in Christ

Daughters of Destiny

Give prostituted women an opportunity at a new life in Christ


Everything is about to change...

The Opportunity

Every year, we take a team of women to Kenya. During the evenings of these very special Journeys of Compassion, we walk the streets and invite women to join us for a meal, and then we present them with the greatest news in history.

Every year, dozens of women respond to this Good News. The life they leave behind is filled with unimaginable pain, fear, and despair. The life they have just received is filled with hope, security, and freedom.

Over the following three months, these women will receive safe housing, counseling, medical care, basic education, business training, and the opportunity to start their own small business.

You Can Help

These women are turning to Christ and leaving their life on the streets. Now it is up to us to join them in their journey.

  • $25 provides a day's wages and a night in a safe hotel, free from the shame and fear a girl feels as she works her street corner.
  • $125 Provides three months in a safe house, where a woman will receive couseling and business training.

A Personal Letter from Christina Stewart

For many years Impact Nations teams have been reaching out to prostituted women in Nakuru, Kenya. Hundreds of women have been rescued, received salvation, healing, discipleship, job training and start-up loans for new businesses. We continue to hear wonderful stories of lives transformed...(Read More)

I have noticed in the last couple of years that when we go out to meet these women a number of them have already heard about Impact Nations and Metro Church from their friends. When they realize that we truly care about them and are not there to judge them, their hearts easily open to God. It is painful not to be able to conduct our Journeys of Compassion during a pandemic but love never fails and God is on the move!

Amazing Testimonies

I recently heard some testimonies from some of the 104 women who were rescued in October 2019. Their stories are heartbreaking. From absentee fathers and childhood sexual abuse to selling their bodies in order to feed their fatherless children, to violence and mountains of shame and rejection, they were without hope. Women like Wamucii, feeling totally distraught, who shared her realization that “God, these people in the streets don’t care about me. Could you please help me?” And to her amazement “God moved really fast”.

God saw them, heard their cries of desperation, and rescued them. Grace shared that

“Through Christina Stewart of Impact Nations and Metro Church I was taken to Daughters of Destiny rehabilitation centre for three months, where I learned the value of the deep connection that can occur between women, the circle of trust and love and support that a group of women can give one another.”

After attending the Daughters of Destiny program to receive healing and training, these women now have small businesses, safe housing and are able to pay for their children’s education. And, because they are so thankful, they help rescue others.

New Stories

A few weeks ago, a group of 112 women showed up at our partner, Mike Brawan’s church in Nakuru. All of them had been selling themselves on the streets, but with Covid restrictions were struggling even more than usual. They remembered what they had been told about Jesus and the possibility of being helped at Metro Church. As a group they came to seek salvation and rescue. Mike was able to lead them to Christ and put them in safe housing, where they are already being discipled and trained. Even without us being able to go, God is continuing the vision.

The Need

I am writing to ask for your help. During the pandemic our focus has been on feeding the desperately poor in seven different nations. Our donors have been wonderfully faithful, having provided over one million meals in the last five months. But now we are faced with helping these 112 women become self-sustained so they can provide for their children.

Would you consider donating today to help the transformation for these brave women?

Each gift of $100 will provide a woman with some basic business training and a small loan so that she can start her own business. In order to provide for 112 women, we are trying to raise $11,200 in the next two weeks.

In recent years, the Impact Nations family has rescued hundreds of women from prostitution in Nakuru. I am so excited that we will get to participate again this year, even though we can’t be there in person. Once again, your gift will continue to multiply throughout the community.


Christina Stewart
Impact Nations


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