Rescue Two Generations

Rescue Two Generations

Countless young girls face the horrors of family abuse and child marriage in Uganda every year. Without intervention they end up on the streets and their babies may die. With the help of our partners, The Remnant Generation, YOU could be the one to rescue a mother and her unborn baby.

Meet Wasswa and Nakato

These adorable twins arrived seven weeks early, and were immediately in grave danger. Their mother, only 14 years old, had been violated by a close relative. When she courageously told her family the truth about the abuse, she was forced to leave her village in shame and flee to the city of Kampala.

Weeks later, while staying with a distant relative, she learned that her abuser had left her pregnant. God directed her steps to our friends at the Princess Shelter, where she received the care and attention that she desperately needed. Soon she learned that she was carrying twins!

When labor began much too soon, the doctors were unable to slow it down and an expensive c-section was deemed necessary. Brother and sister were born severely underweight just as the coronavirus was beginning to spread throughout East Africa. Unable to stay in the hospital for fear of COVID-19, mother and twins were sent back to the shelter where the babies had to be fed a special formula through a tube and treated for an infection.

In addition to the massive medical bills, six weeks’ worth of the special formula cost over $440. Thanks to the amazing Impact Nations family, all of these costs were covered so the mother and her caregivers could focus on raising two healthy babies.

Wasswa and Nakato have continued to flourish at the Princess Shelter, where their mother receives ongoing counseling and mentorship. She is already learning to read and write, and soon she will be able to pursue her dream of starting her own baking business.