Uganda Child Sponsorship

Hope and Care, Kalonga

Hope & Care School is a church-run school in Kalonga, Uganda where approximately 450 children attend. 30 orphans are in the care of the church leaders and attend the school. There are also many others in the community who cannot afford to pay for school tuition and uniforms, and the community leaders do their best to care for these children as well.

Long before we first visited Kalonga, our wonderful partners were caring for their own community. It is our joy to come alongside what they have already been doing to help them reach their own goals of community transformation. One of these goals is to improve the education that the children receive. Another long-term goal is to start businesses that will cover the costs of the school and make the project self-sustaining. In the meantime, the child sponsorship program is a vital part of caring for the children and the community.

At Hope & Care, your sponsorship helps cover the cost of tuition, uniforms, school supplies and curriculum, clean water, and health care for an orphan or child in need.

Your Experience:

You will receive periodic email updates from your child’s school.  You can also log-in and send email messages back and forth to your child (using our system provides safety for both the sponsor and child).  In order to cut down on administration costs and send as much help directly to the children as possible, all correspondence is done via the internet.  

You are always welcome to visit your child in person.  This can be done on a Journey Of Compassion or individually.

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