Ray of Hope, Chandigarh

While out on a prayer walk, our partners noticed children on the streets collecting gargbage to sell.  The children were school-aged but were obviously not attending school.  Moved to compassion for these “slum children,” they found the children’s parents and encouraged them to place their children in the government schools.  The parents were not willing because they said that they depended on the income that their children earned on the streets.  After being convinced that it would be better for the family in the long run if the children were to get an education and better jobs, the parents agreed to put their children in school.  However, these slum children were far behind their peers and did not know how to behave in a classroom.  To help them transition into school and to catch up with their peers, our partners started Ray of Hope, an after school daycare center.  Here they learn vital skills, experience a caring community, and learn about the love of Jesus.  Through this program, many of the families have become Christians and have a new hope and future. 

At Ray of Hope, your sponsorship helps cover the costs of the program and provides a safe, nurturing environment for a child.

For $35 ($45CAD) per month, you can change a child’s future.