Haiti Child Sponsorship

Centre Vie, St-Marc

DD, our partner in Haiti, felt an urgent leading to get back to her home country of Haiti in January 2010.  She arrived in Port au Prince on the 12th and within hours of her landing, the earthquake hit and chaos surrounded her.  When the dust settled, she was surrounded by 30 traumatized children who were newly orphaned.  Never having desired children of her own, much less to run an orphanage, DD nonetheless knew she was called to be mother to these children.  Since then, she has found places for each child to live and provided for their schooling and all of their needs.  She travels back and forth to Canada, working odd jobs, doing everything she can to provide for her children.  They are the healthiest and best educated children we have seen anywhere in the developing world.

At Centre Vie, your sponsorship helps provide schooling, health care, and a future for these precious children.

For $35 ($45CAD) per month, you can change a child’s future.