Project Funded!

Nepal Micro Business

Location: Undisclosed, NP

Budget: $300.00

Still Needed: $300.00

Goal: Assist families with start up funds for a micro business

How You Can Help:

Update: The first round of micro businesses are about to begin! We are posting updates at the bottom of this page (click here) and on Facebook, so be sure to check back often.

Only a few years ago, this district was known to be the worst area of human trafficking in Nepal.  Extreme poverty along with a fatalistic mindset made the region a haven for exploitation.  With the help of our partner on the ground the region is opening up to tourism, which is creating new opportunities to develop alternative income streams and brining hope that the future can be different.

In the rural districts of Nepal the main economy is subsistence farming. Subsistence farming does not lead to any cash income.  Currently, a family can earn $70 per month performing hard labour, but they must leave their own fields to do this.  When working separately, away from home, for minimal income, members of the family are much more at risk of becoming victims of human trafficking.

Since 2011, our partners have brought tourism business to the area, employing villagers to build trails, act as guides, and host tourists. Some villagers have converted their homes into “homestays”, with permanent guest rooms available for tourists who want to stay with Nepali families.

For the villagers who cannot run homestay businesses for tourists, you can help families start other small businesses for income generation beyond subsistence farming.  

We have three opportunities to partner with them:

Knitting Business

You could provide a family with a knitting business for only $300!  This will help supplement the income from their farm and provide hope and a sense of purpose. There is already a corporate customer waiting, so this business will be generating $50 a month almost immediately.

Your gift would:

    • Purchase the required materials
    • Provide training for a family
    • Allow for quality control by our partners on the ground

Organic Farm

Get a family started with an organic farm for only $375. The produce will be sold to the growing tourism businesses in the area.

Your gift would:
    • Purchase the required materials to build a greenhouse
    • Supply the seeds
    • Provide training for a family

Chicken Farm

You could provide a family with a chicken farm for only $460! This is the most profitable business plan available.  By reinvesting some of their initial profits, a family can expect to see monthly profits of over $220.

Your gift would:
    • Purchase 100 chicks to be raised and sold for meat
    • Supply immunizations, feed, and a shed
    • Provide basic veterinarian training for a family


January 5, 2018 

Eight families have now been trained to start their own organic farms. After their training, each family was provided with the necessary materials to build their own small greenhouse with a drip irrigation system. They also received seeds for their first crop and lessons on how to select their own seeds for the next crop.

The training for chicken farming will begin in late January, so stay tuned for that report next month.

There are many other families that could benefit from this program, so if you were hoping to be a part of it, you haven't missed out! Thank you to all of our donors who have contributed.