Project Funded!

Endless Computers

Location: Nakuru, KE

Budget: $1200.00

Still Needed: $1025.00

Goal: Kickstart educational adventures across Kenya!

How You Can Help:

Mike Brawan has cast vision to create a 10 computer lab in his local church.

  • Not only will this lab provide computers for students to learn with the power of the internet, they will also be entering a church. For many of these students, both experiences will be a first.

  • Additionally, we aim to set this lab on display by mid August for government officials who would like to replicate it across the country!

You have the power to make Mike's dream a reality by providing essentials such as a keyboard or mouse!

The Need

Each set of peripherals costs $100 to manufacture and deliver. You can get involved by providing a mouse and keyboard for $30, a monitor for $70, or a complete set for $100!

Additionally, Endless has partnered with Kytabu educational software to provide Kenyan curriculum on the computers. While parents in Kenya spend $15-$25 every year for their child to purchase schoolbooks, for $35, Kytabu can provide curriculum for an entire education! This digital content can be used by several children taking turns on the same computer. In addition to increased usage, these computers will be cared for in their labs and outlast their physical textbook counterparts.

The Back-Story

Following our application for 10 computers from Endless Solutions, we received 1,800 computers!

When our Kenyan partner Mike heard the number of computers headed for Kenya, he hurried call the Governor with the news! Excited about the possibility of providing mice, keyboards, and monitors for the other 1,790 computers, government leaders have asked to see a 10 computer lab.

Will you help us provide for this first lab? The potential for this lab to multiply across Kenya and Uganda is astounding!

About Endless

Endless' mission is to enable people to harness the power of computing everywhere. In pursuit of this mission, they have specialized their hardware and software to servecommunities with little to no internet or electricity. With the potential to operate by solar power, these computers promise to impact the lives of students across Kenya and Uganda! In a similar project, Lumen produced this lab in partnership with Endless.

The Vision

Will you join us in taking the first step to provide 1,800 educational computers to Kenya and Uganda?