Project Complete

Dorval Vocational School

Location: Saint Marc, HT

Budget: $11600.00

Still Needed: $11600.00

Goal: Provide vocational training for the poor in Haiti

How You Can Help:

Imagine life in the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Put yourself in the shoes of a young Haitian who is struggling to make it on $2.42 a day. Your friends and neighbors went to seek their fortunes in the Dominican Republic, only to return a year later, broke and without a home. You dream of one day escaping the cycle of poverty, but without an education or any marketable skills, you see no way out...until now.

We have an opportunity to bring hope and a future to young men and women in Haiti. Working in partnership with Dieudonne Batraville (DD), we will be opening a vocational school for those who need the practical skills required to gain employment or start their own small businesses. Thanks to our friends at New Life City church in Albuquerque NM, the school building is nearing completion. The next step is to furnish it, hire the teachers, and begin gathering the necessary training materials. At first we will be offering sewing and tailoring classes. In the future, we intend to use the surrounding land to provide courses in agriculture and animal husbandry.

We are committed to sustainability. As such, DD and her team will be starting a school uniform business to run in conjunction with the Dorval Vocational School. Once they have completed their training, qualified students will be employed by the factory to sew uniforms for the surrounding primary and secondary schools. Orders have already been confirmed for five different schools. By the end of year two, the profits from the uniform factory are expected to be able to cover the ongoing costs of the sewing classes.

The target budget of $11,600 will cover the furniture, training materials, and teachers' salaries for the first two years. It will also cover the start-up costs for the uniform factory.