Project Funded!

Brick Layers School Fund

Location: Chandigarh, IN

Budget: $130000.00

Still Needed: $106600.00

Goal: Send 1000 enslaved children to school

How You Can Help:

We have an opportunity to rescue 1000 children from a life of slavery for only $130 per child!

In Northern India, entire families are working in brick factories to pay off their debt to the factory owners. Children as young as five years old spend their days making bricks and piling them high.

With no chance at an education or even a glimpse at life outside the factory, these kids face a very bleak future.

But everything is about to change!

One factory owner is showing mercy. He has agreed to partner with us to send the children from his factories to school instead. We need your help to get these children registered for school before the school year begins in April 2019.

Your gift of $130 will provide:

  • Three school uniforms
  • Two pairs of shoes
  • Registration fees
  • Text books & school supplies

Once the children are enrolled, the state government will subsidize their education for the rest of their school years, while the local school board will locate corporate sponsors for ongoing support. Children will receive one nutritious meal at school each day, so their general health will immediately improve.

Imagine changing a child's entire future for only $130!

This is your chance to rescue a life. Will you give today?

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Our brothers and sisters in India have raised $10,000 for this project. That means...