Project Funded!

Bibles for Mosque

Location: Nakuru, KE

Budget: $500.00

Still Needed: $500.00

Goal: Give Bibles to new believers in Kenya.

How You Can Help: Give Bibles to new believers in Kenya.

Mike Brawan was recently invited to preach in a mosque in Kenya. As soon as he finished speaking, the Imam urged his entire mosque to accept Jesus. Now there are 128 new believers (and their families!) asking for Bibles. Will you give a $3.85 Bible to a new believer as they boldly step out in a new life with Jesus?

UPDATE: All of these new believers will be getting baptized on Wednesday December 18th. We would like to hand each of them a new Bible at their baptism. Will you help us do that?

Any additional Bibles will be given to women in the local prison who came to Jesus during our recent Journey of Compassion.