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When the Plowman Overtakes the Reaper

What a time we are living in. While it is so easy to be distracted by the politics and violence in the world, the Kingdom continues to powerfully increase. Both the Old and New Testament tell us that there will be a great acceleration of Kingdom activity; clearly, to all those with eyes to see, we are in such a time. As the prophet of justice, Amos, wrote about 2700 years ago:

Hear this! The days are coming––this is the Lord’s declaration––when the plowman will overtake the reaper. (Am 9:13)

Throughout this month of July, the Lord opened up doors for us to at least 6,000 lives with the Gospel––through preaching and healing, and by making “Good News to the poor” practical and tangible.

During the first two weeks, Impact Nations led a team of 50 from the U.S. and Canada on a terrific Journey of Compassion to Nicaragua. We have taken teams to Nicaragua a number of times over the past eight years, but this time there were some firsts. Two months ago, Christina went down to arrange for Impact to do ministry in completely new communities. For the first time, on most days we were divided into three teams, working in three different barrios (villages). As a result, we were able to accomplish a great deal: over 100 houses were wrapped in plastic to prevent the rain coming in during the upcoming monsoon season. About 60 water filters were installed in a variety of barrios, providing a permanent source of clean water for almost 1,500 people. Rice, beans and sugar were distributed, house-to-house; as the teams did this, they led many people––often entire families––to Christ; two teenage boys on the team led eight families to Jesus during one day. Meanwhile, we conducted five medical clinics that treated hundreds of people. Each night, there was a “campaign”––an evening of music, drama, preaching and prayer for the sick. Every evening men, women and children gave their lives to Christ. We held our final outdoor gathering in a covered plaza in the middle of the city of Chinandega. Twelve hundred chairs were set up; all of these were filled, and so the crowds stood around the perimeter. When invited to come forward to give their lives to Christ, it was like a tidal wave. Our team prayed for hundreds and hundreds. Blind eyes and deaf ears opened. Paralysis left. A child born with a club foot had her foot re-formed by the Lord in front of everyone’s eyes. It was an unforgettable evening in the heart of the city.

While the Journey was going on in Nicaragua, David Pearson, his daughter Rachelle, and Kelly Larsen were in Uganda. They had been scheduled to go to a refugee camp to distribute water filters to about 5,000 people. However, with no notice, the government came in the week before and closed down the camp. They expelled 1,000 non-Ugandans and trucked the other 4,000 about seven hours away to a field with no water, latrines or shade. David and his team arrived to a desperate situation. I am delighted to report what the Lord has so quickly done.

  • When we reported on our website the need for financial help, the response was immediate and large.
  • As a result, within their first two days at the camp, two 10,000 liter tanks were transported from the old camp. Working with our friends at Ugandan Water Project, they have been hooked up to water catchment systems in preparation for the monsoon rains, which should come any day now.
  • Meanwhile, David and Kelly oversaw the training of 230 people at the camp in how to install, use and maintain the water filters; in turn, they trained all the camp members. (Two water holes, with dirty water, were located about 500-600 yards from the camp.) Due to the amazing cooperation and hard work of these camp members, the entire camp had access to almost 300 filters after just two days!
  • A spring box (something like a small dike where the springs are capped and flow through pipes) was being installed last week. Instead of the muddy pond water, this will provide clear water to the camp.
  • Two wells are about to be drilled.
  • While all this was going on, shovels and tools were purchased and new latrines are being dug all over the camp, thus dealing with the other major health threat.
  • With so much of God’s love being tangibly demonstrated, during just a few days, hundreds of people at the camp gave their lives to Jesus.

The Lord is moving so quickly, so dramatically, so transformatively, that all we can do is worship Him in amazement––and keep running with Him as He moves throughout the world.

For the eyes of the Lord roam throughout the earth to show Himself strong for those whose hearts are completely His.  (2 Chr 16:9)

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