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Our dedicated partner in Uganda, Richard, wrote to us on Monday to tell us it was nearly midnight and he had just returned from taking a van full of students to Nkobazambogo Secondary School. He said that it had been a time of celebration and excitement in Kalonga. It will be the first time for most of the students to sleep on mattresses with bed sheets and the parents and students are exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to attend Secondary school.  In December, the Primary 7 students, 17 in all, sat for their PLE (Primary Leaving Examination) and all 17 passed, making them eligible to attend Secondary school.

Attending Secondary school is quite expensive and the reason most children do not continue their education beyond Primary school.  As with most of the developing world, education truly is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty and giving families more opportunities.  For the first time, Impact Nations has made sponsoring Secondary students possible with this class of Primary 7 students.  Our partner Richard has spent many hours in preparation for this. He has gone shopping for school supplies that the students will need for living and for their studies. He has organized distributing the supplies, getting the students packed, loading the van and seeing them settled into their boarding school. 

We are truly grateful for all the hard work Richard has put into this project. We are also very grateful to the teachers at Hope & Care school who nurtured and taught these kids and equipped them to pass their exam. Additionally, none of this would be possible without sponsors. Thirteen sponsors have come forward to pay the start-up fees (to purchase the necessary school supplies) and commit to $50 per month in giving for these young adults to attend Secondary school.  This is just one of the ways Impact Nations is committed to investing in education and young people in Uganda.  For more information about sponsoring a child at Hope & Care School ($30/month), sponsoring a Secondary student ($50/month plus $300 start-up fees) or investing in our Project to Build a Permanent School for Hope and Care, visit our Projects tab on our website

Join us as we pray for these Secondary students starting their classes this week, too!

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