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The Freedom Fighters

Have you ever asked Jesus  to use you today to bless others? Did you then take it in faith, that He heard
you and so would respond to what you asked in His name? Have you then allowed your eyes and ears to 
be more open to who He sends to you to be blessed?

I do ask myself,  how many times I have asked but then miss the many opportunities He has given me 
to bless His people. I can remember a time when I had just finished asking Him,  to send us someone we 
could lay our hands on for healing and tell them about Jesus. Within minutes, Jesus did just that. As my 
friends and I stepped out of the car, a man came up to us with a prescription in his hands, a prescription 
for antibiotics for his tooth abscess. He asked us where he could find the next pharmacy. Oblivious to 
what I had just asked the Father, I started to give him directions. He thanked me and walked back to his 
truck, climbing in and driving off.  It was then that it hit me! An opportunity to pray for healing of his 
abscess! But unfortunately, it was too late. I did try and catch him, running down the street as he drove 
off but he didn’t see me. Missed another opportunity! Darn!

Have you asked Jesus to send someone to you for healing and Salvation yet the voices in your head 
are telling you “Don’t be a fool!”  These voices reminding you of the many rejections you received in 
the past and how it hurt. Then also reminding you that they might think you are crazy, a reject from 
society or someone who is wanting to be recognized or accepted. Do you choose to listen to these 
deceiving and lying voices from the enemy? Or do you choose to listen to Jesus and His command? The 
great  commission is for His children to go out into the world,  laying hands on the sick, casting out and 
bringing the good news to all.

Do you think that you are the only one who goes through these fears of rejection, intimidation, ridicule 
and mockery from society when you step out in faith? Let me tell you something, we all go through it. 
But if you truly know how much strength, confidence and boldness you have inside your heart, which is the Holy Spirit, you can do all things in Christ who gives it to you! Just ask Him to remind you when you are struggling with this. Then don’t be surprised to hear in your spirit, “You are strong as an ox!”Let me tell you the truth, that these are very same and old and evil tactics that the enemy has used from the very beginning. He will do whatever he can to stop us from setting Jesus’ captives free. But I want to remind you that when you allow your fears to stop you from setting His children free, you are breaking His heart and if you truly are in love with Jesus, you would do what He asks of you no matter what it costs. It’s called picking up your cross and following Him.

“Sticks and stones” may break your bones but names, along with intimidation, mockery and rejection are only temporary, and will soon fade when we meet Jesus face to face. This is when He will say to you, “Well done good and faithful servant!” I sure want to be hearing those exact words coming from Jesus one day don’t you?

Step out in faith and take the risk of setting His captives free! What a good risk it will be! Bless you and be the freedom fighter for Jesus!

By Laurie Leiding
Intern at Impact Nations

Amponsah Prince Asante commented on 12-Feb-2016 06:37 PM
God Bless you Laurie and Mike for been part of this project and I know you would because of the love of God shared abroad in your heart. Stay Bless.

Yours Friend
Prince - Ghana

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