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Over the past few weeks, it seems that the Lord has gone out of His way to remind me of something: He has placed eternity into the hearts of everyone (Eccl 3:11). It is so easy to forget the practical implications of this; as a result, we repeatedly slip into a perception of the world around us as being made up of them and us. But Jesus insisted that the Gospel is for everybody, that everyone is invited, and therefore, in God’s eyes, there is only us.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: There Is No "Them"

On Thursday Nelson Mandela went from ‘life to life’. The mark that he made, not only upon South Africa, but upon the 20th C, is deep and wide. Of course, he did not live a perfect life; however, he lived an effectual one, profoundly altering the direction of a nation. The airwaves, internet and the print media are filled with tributes to this remarkable, courageous man whose life stood as a testament to the power of truth––a greater force than military might or state intimidation. Fifty years ago, Martin Luther King declared: “The arc of history is long, but it bends toward justice.” Nelson Mandela reminds us just how true were those words.  Read More
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Checkout the Latest: Nelson Mandela- "Life to Life"