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As I write this, I am waiting at the hotel in Mityana for the team to arrive. They are coming in from all over the world. We will spend two days here on orientation, preparing buckets for water filters and getting meds ready for the clinics. We are doing some things for the first time on this Journey. For one, instead of doing 6 medical clinics, we are only doing two. On the other days, we will go house to house providing medical care (where needed), distributing anti-parasite medicine and mosquito nets (the single most effective way to reduce the rate of malaria), and pray for the sick. In the evenings, we will gather at a central outdoor place in the villages and conduct a healing and evangelism meeting.  Read More

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Over the past few weeks, it seems that the Lord has gone out of His way to remind me of something: He has placed eternity into the hearts of everyone (Eccl 3:11). It is so easy to forget the practical implications of this; as a result, we repeatedly slip into a perception of the world around us as being made up of them and us. But Jesus insisted that the Gospel is for everybody, that everyone is invited, and therefore, in God’s eyes, there is only us.   Read More

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On Friday we had a change of pace. After two days of conducting medical clinics and installing water filters during the day and holding outdoor evangelistic meetings at night, the ladies went back to Kitongo to conduct a whole day women’s meeting. It was attended by women from all over the community, both believers and not-yet-believers. Meanwhile, the men went to the local hospital to pray for the sick. They prayed through every ward––men, women, children and maternity. All over, people were healed and turned to Jesus.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda JOC: Report 2

Three o'clock. The team has ministered to about 300 people so far today at the clinic. Some people have walked for miles. There are still 75 people waiting to see a doctor or nurse. There have been many more seriously ill people today. We have set up a water filter station so they can drink as they wait; in the equatorial heat, dehydration happens quickly. The prayer team has been going for hours, but still they press on, seeing a steady stream of healings and salvations. The medical people keep going hour after hour, prescribing not only medicine, but also prayer. Once again, I am amazed at the cheerfulness and sheer grace with which the team ministers. Each one us themselves a demonstration of Christ’s love.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda JOC: Report 1

As we prepare to leave for India, I looked back at a journal entry from a previous Journey of Compassion. Remembering what the Lord did on that trip has heightened my sense of anticipation for what we will experience in this, our first Journey to northern India.
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