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Merry Christmas,

It has been a wonderful year. God has surprised us again and again with his favor. In countries around the developing world churches have been established, people have been healed and saved, the hungry have been fed, the sick have received medicine, new opportunities and new hope have come to many, many communities. Truly, without the Holy Spirit working in, through and around us, these things would not have happened. And for this we are so thankful.

These same endeavors and opportunities He has so wonderfully given to us over this past year, we turn and give back to Him as our offering.

Jesus, all for Jesus,
All I am and have and ever hope to be.

These lines have been echoing in my head this week. Every meal, every cup of clean water, everything we have been able to do––we give all of these back to You, Jesus. They are our ministry to You and for You. They are our declaration that we serve a King whose Kingdom continues to go forward, rescuing and reconciling all of creation.

This year, our Christmas letter is not just from Christina and I; it is from our partners on the ground––our family. What a privilege it has been to work alongside them. In a very real way they are my heroes, men and women of passion and dedication to Jesus. Thank you Robert and Esther, Reg and Johanne, Mike, Vijay and Neeraja, Oswaldo and Rossy, Hannington and Florence. Thank you for your sacrifice and example.

mike.jpgTo all of you that have allowed God to use you to bring hope to prove God’s love to us in Kenya by supporting impact nation, merry Christmas to all.

- Mike Brawan, Kenya

robert.jpgOn behalf of King's Kid Ministries International, Esther and I are saying THANK YOU for your relentless support. You have made such a great difference!

- Robert & Esther Mponye, Uganda

reg.jpgTHANK YOU! May God, the faithful rewarder bless you, your business and projects. For every cent that you gave throughout this year, may you receive 100 fold back from the biggest giver.
Merry Christ and Happy New year.

- Reginald & Johanne Celestin, Haiti

vijay.jpgWe fed thousands of homeless, helpless, sick and dying beggars, More than 40 have attended the church, many are healed and received God's love. All this happened because of you and your giving towards this project. You have made a BIG Difference. Blessings,

- Vijay & Neeraja Christian, India

And thank you to all of you who have joined with us in pursuing the vision that the Lord has given to Impact Nations. Thank you for your prayers, support and encouragement. Thank you for believing that together we really can rescue the lives of the weak, the poor and the outcast. Your faith strengthens us all.

On behalf of all of the Impact Nations team, I pray for a remarkable measure of God’s grace and blessing upon your lives. May you experience the heights and the depths of Jesus’ love for you in a special way this Christmas.

God bless you,

Steve Stewart
President, Impact Nations

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