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During the last Journey of Compassion to Uganda, Hillside Secondary School in Kalonga, Uganda received two Sawyer water filters.  These two filters have made a massive difference in their health.  It's amazing how powerful these little filters are and how much good we can do with so little.  Find out more about the IThirst Water program here.  And check out the letter and photos from Pastor James:  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Hillside Secondary Receives Clean Water

After a couple of weeks of R&R, Christina and I are back in the saddle––feeling rested and rejuvenated. As you most likely saw, we had a wonderful Journey of Compassion to Nicaragua; 35 of the 49 team members were first timers. We saw the Lord do wonderful things during the Journey: many people were instantly healed, many others came to Christ, we conducted our second Nicaraguan prison baptism, hundreds of people received a lifetime of clean, safe water. One day, the ladies on our team ministered to about 80 sex trade workers; it was a powerful time of healing, restoration, salvation and reconciliation.  Read More

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