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Laughter and joking fills the shop and spills out into the street.  They are so happy, so full of life and hope.  Ben, who is currently in Kalonga, said that it is like a different group of people.  He hardly recognized Jane.  Could this be the same woman he interviewed nearly two years ago? Could this be, the woman whose face was downcast, whose children were sitting in the dirt, clad in scraps of dirty clothes, the one with nowhere to go and no way to feed her children?  Today, she is smiling and laughing, with a new hairdo, looking healthy and strong.  She is one of the women who received a quarter acre of farmland and has built a home for her family.  She is also one of the ten women who are working in the newly opened sewing shop.  Read More

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I was thrilled to see the reports of the tremendous generosity that was demonstrated through the Christmas Gift catalog this giving season as I looked over the final results! Would you like to know how your gifts impacted the developing world and just how far reaching your contributions were? Let’s have a look.  Read More

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As I write this, I am waiting at the hotel in Mityana for the team to arrive. They are coming in from all over the world. We will spend two days here on orientation, preparing buckets for water filters and getting meds ready for the clinics. We are doing some things for the first time on this Journey. For one, instead of doing 6 medical clinics, we are only doing two. On the other days, we will go house to house providing medical care (where needed), distributing anti-parasite medicine and mosquito nets (the single most effective way to reduce the rate of malaria), and pray for the sick. In the evenings, we will gather at a central outdoor place in the villages and conduct a healing and evangelism meeting.  Read More

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