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We arrived late last night in Entebbe, Uganda. This morning, Christina is going to our supplier of medicine in Kampala. Gowry (who is on her 16th Journey of Compassion) arrived a couple of hours ago. This afternoon, I leave for Mityana to see our partner, Robert Mponye, while Christina stays in Entebbe to greet the incoming team. They begin arriving tomorrow morning until Sunday afternoon.  Read More

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After a couple of weeks of R&R, Christina and I are back in the saddle––feeling rested and rejuvenated. As you most likely saw, we had a wonderful Journey of Compassion to Nicaragua; 35 of the 49 team members were first timers. We saw the Lord do wonderful things during the Journey: many people were instantly healed, many others came to Christ, we conducted our second Nicaraguan prison baptism, hundreds of people received a lifetime of clean, safe water. One day, the ladies on our team ministered to about 80 sex trade workers; it was a powerful time of healing, restoration, salvation and reconciliation.  Read More

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