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Sewing Project-- Cooking Boxes Business

… The box is made of fabric and stuffed with sponge. The boxes are an efficient way to conserve charcoal, water and time. I taught the women to use the box. First, I boiled rice for 5 minutes, covered it with the lid and laid the pot in the cooking box. After 45 minutes the rice is ready. We cooked potatoes, meat and beans all in the box… Read more about the cooking boxes here.

Justin is 34, a single mother of 4 and lives a few doors down from Hope and Care. In 2008 she had a dream (night time dream). She dreamt she had a sewing machine and was sewing clothes. She told her husband and he laughed at her, telling her it would never happen. When she heard there were two sewing machines at Hope and Care she began stopping in to watch Ema, Stella, Esther and myself. We’d hand her scissors to help us cut fabric or she’d help pin. She would sit and watch as we used the machines. Day by day she learned more skills; she learned to use a needle and thread to finish button holes and close the openings in the cooking boxes, how to measure a person in order to make a skirt and finally how to use the machine. Her dream has come true.

One evening 8 women came to ask when they would be able to begin sewing. They are all eager to start working. These 2 machines were the first steps of a long process of transformation. Read more about the long-term plan here.   Read More
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Checkout the Latest: Four Weeks in Kalonga

On Friday we had a change of pace. After two days of conducting medical clinics and installing water filters during the day and holding outdoor evangelistic meetings at night, the ladies went back to Kitongo to conduct a whole day women’s meeting. It was attended by women from all over the community, both believers and not-yet-believers. Meanwhile, the men went to the local hospital to pray for the sick. They prayed through every ward––men, women, children and maternity. All over, people were healed and turned to Jesus.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda JOC: Report 2

Three o'clock. The team has ministered to about 300 people so far today at the clinic. Some people have walked for miles. There are still 75 people waiting to see a doctor or nurse. There have been many more seriously ill people today. We have set up a water filter station so they can drink as they wait; in the equatorial heat, dehydration happens quickly. The prayer team has been going for hours, but still they press on, seeing a steady stream of healings and salvations. The medical people keep going hour after hour, prescribing not only medicine, but also prayer. Once again, I am amazed at the cheerfulness and sheer grace with which the team ministers. Each one us themselves a demonstration of Christ’s love.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda JOC: Report 1

During the last Journey of Compassion to Uganda, Hillside Secondary School in Kalonga, Uganda received two Sawyer water filters.  These two filters have made a massive difference in their health.  It's amazing how powerful these little filters are and how much good we can do with so little.  Find out more about the IThirst Water program here.  And check out the letter and photos from Pastor James:  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Hillside Secondary Receives Clean Water