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On Friday we had a change of pace. After two days of conducting medical clinics and installing water filters during the day and holding outdoor evangelistic meetings at night, the ladies went back to Kitongo to conduct a whole day women’s meeting. It was attended by women from all over the community, both believers and not-yet-believers. Meanwhile, the men went to the local hospital to pray for the sick. They prayed through every ward––men, women, children and maternity. All over, people were healed and turned to Jesus.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda JOC: Report 2

Our second week here in Nakuru has been very full and very exciting. Here are a few highlights. (Next week, when I return to Canada, we will be able to upload a number of videos from the team; unfortunately, Nakuru does not have the band width to allow this.)  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Kenya Journey- Week 2

Because of the terrorist attack in Nairobi at Westgate Mall, we were not permitted to enter the prison to do the baptism as planned. The head warden came to the hotel to express his regrets. Instead, on Tuesday we went to a number of communities and a school in the city. Tuesday was a moving adventure: first we went to a poor neighborhood that is divided into Muslim and “Christian” sectors. We got out of the vans and began to sing. In just a few moments a crowd gathered. I encouraged the sick to receive prayer. Miracles began to happen. The first woman I prayed for was totally blind in one eye (no light, no form) and essentially blind in the other with a heavy cataract––she could see nothing. After just a minute, God completely healed both eyes. She could see perfectly and was very excited. Meanwhile, the Lord was healing people all around us. A number of them came to Christ and Mike’s team (once again) carefully got their contact information. Before we left, the woman’s son came to see what was happening. He was greatly moved with his mother’s healing. Mike led him to Jesus. This man is a well known gangster in the city. God did something truly amazing that morning.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Kenya Journey- Week 2 (continued)