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As you may have seen from reading the various reports from team members, we are having an awesome Journey here in the Philippines. We have been on the island of Samar; it is on the east side of the Philippines. Samar is the second poorest area in the country. They have suffered not only the effects of typhoon Yolana, the super-typhoon that hit in late 2013, but also typhoon Ruby that hit late last year. Ruby was a direct hit, destroying houses, tearing down banana plantations and coconut groves, and destroying rice harvests. The economic impact of Ruby has been devastating.  Read More

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As always, each Journey is unique, with its own characteristics, challenges and blessings. After three days, this trip has not been an exception. We are working in a fairly remote part of Samar, an island in the eastern part of the Philippines. It is one of the poorest provinces in the country, and one of the least reached with the Gospel.   Read More

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Today, we are in Savory. It is a rural village that is a few miles from Gracette. It is very hot today. We looked into moving our mobile clinic outside, but with no success. As I walked along the trail that bisects the rice fields, I saw men and women bent over, picking the rice by hand. I expect their methodology hasn't changed at all in millennia. It is hard to imagine working in this heat day after day--and it will only get hotter during the next two months. Outside the clinic, there is a fairly large crowd waiting. As I encourage them with stories of the healing and miracles we have seen during the past seven days, repeatedly they break out with cheers of 'Amen' or Hallelujah!'.  Read More...Keep Reading

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Friday at noon. We are about an hour into a medical clinic in Gracette. This is the community where we have installed enough water filters so that all of the nearly 6,000 inhabitants have full access to clan, safe drinking water. Prior to Impact Nations coming the area was rampant with water borne disease, including cholera and typhoid. These are killers. After the first hour of the clinic, Kelly our medical director has reported that the people are remarkably healthy, especially compared to last year's clinic. This is such goods news. The water filters are having a big impact on Gracette and the surrounding communities.  Read More...Keep Reading

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The Kingdom of God is a Kingdom of Multiplication. Our vision is that every Journey of Compassion would be about multiplication, not only in healing and salvation in those we serve overseas but also in the community of each and every journeyer who comes. To help you multiply the workers in your area we are offering a refer a friend credit. Now when you refer someone who has never been before, we’ll give you a $100 credit against your fundraising target*. So invite your friends, families, coworkers, small group members and pastors! Together we can raise up an army that is making an impact across the globe and at home.  Read More

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This has been a Journey filled with variety––praying in desperately poor slums; working with the children of prostitutes; conducting a medical clinic and evangelism & healing outreach in a rural village; ministering in a large church; going to the homes of factory workers; installing water filters in the homes of the poor; and ministering on the streets at night among the prostitutes.  Read More

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I finished my last report on Friday afternoon. That evening we had an outdoor meeting in Kitango. There were many healings and salvations. Kenneth addressed a group of young men who had come forward to receive Christ. It was great to see him speaking to these very sincere young men, sharing with them about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. Once again, cataracts left, ears were opened, pain left. However, one healing stands out. I was brought to a girl about 12 years old who was obviously blind in one eye. Years earlier, she had been stabbed in that eye. I prayed for her twice but nothing appeared to happen. I then moved on to pray for others, but a couple of the team kept at it. By the time they had to go, this girl could count fingers, see colors and see people. If you could have seen her severely damaged eye, you would have been amazed.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Uganda Journey: Fourth Report

As I write this, I am waiting at the hotel in Mityana for the team to arrive. They are coming in from all over the world. We will spend two days here on orientation, preparing buckets for water filters and getting meds ready for the clinics. We are doing some things for the first time on this Journey. For one, instead of doing 6 medical clinics, we are only doing two. On the other days, we will go house to house providing medical care (where needed), distributing anti-parasite medicine and mosquito nets (the single most effective way to reduce the rate of malaria), and pray for the sick. In the evenings, we will gather at a central outdoor place in the villages and conduct a healing and evangelism meeting.  Read More

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