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While driving from Zambia to Zimbabwe six years ago, the Lord spoke to me about feeding the hungry. He drew my attention to Isaiah 58, and told me that if if we would give ourselves to feeding the truly hungry, we would be surprised at what happened. Since that time we have been able to provide about 400,000 meals around the developing world––in Haiti, Central America, Africa, India, the Philippines and Southeast Asia. Over these past six years, we have received Isaiah 58 donations from children, school classes, home groups, individuals, and families. Each gift has been received with both gratitude and excitement, knowing that Jesus said, “For I was hungry and you gave Me something to eat.” (Mt 25:35)
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Our Indian partners felt especially led this past month to do their monthly Feeding the Poor outreach among children. January 26 was Indian Republic Day and many schools and colleges were celebrating in various ways and to add to the celebration, our partners visited a very poor area where they gathered 86 children and taught them songs, played games, shared stories and the Gospel with them, prayed for them and distributed food packets consisting of biryani, chicken curry and mineral water.  In all, 161 food packets were distributed to the children and beggars at platforms.  It was a time of great joy.  Read More

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Once again, the Lord has worked in wonderful ways. This Journey has been somewhat "underground", with us having to keep a lower public profile in some locations, due to the political climate. While there is never any danger of our team being directly on harassed, we don't want to make life difficult for our partners once we are gone. As a result, we have needed to assess every village and situation separately. Today, we are in the foothills of the Himalayas. The scenery is stunningly beautiful; at this altitude, the air is clear and cool. As I write this, our team has opened our fourth medical clinic. The atmosphere among those waiting is calm, with people waiting patiently.  Read More

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