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Once again, the Lord has worked in wonderful ways. This Journey has been somewhat "underground", with us having to keep a lower public profile in some locations, due to the political climate. While there is never any danger of our team being directly on harassed, we don't want to make life difficult for our partners once we are gone. As a result, we have needed to assess every village and situation separately. Today, we are in the foothills of the Himalayas. The scenery is stunningly beautiful; at this altitude, the air is clear and cool. As I write this, our team has opened our fourth medical clinic. The atmosphere among those waiting is calm, with people waiting patiently.  Read More

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As this remarkable Journey comes to a close, I look back with a deep sense of wonder at all that the Lord accomplished. East Samar is a province of about two million people, mostly in small communities (barangays). Over the past eleven days we have distributed enough water filters for more than 1,400 people. This is especially significant, as there has recently been an outbreak of typhoid fever; the filters will totally eliminate this deadly bacteria from the water. We visited schools, a hospital and prison. Wherever we went, people were healed and saved.   Read More

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As you may have seen from reading the various reports from team members, we are having an awesome Journey here in the Philippines. We have been on the island of Samar; it is on the east side of the Philippines. Samar is the second poorest area in the country. They have suffered not only the effects of typhoon Yolana, the super-typhoon that hit in late 2013, but also typhoon Ruby that hit late last year. Ruby was a direct hit, destroying houses, tearing down banana plantations and coconut groves, and destroying rice harvests. The economic impact of Ruby has been devastating.  Read More

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As always, each Journey is unique, with its own characteristics, challenges and blessings. After three days, this trip has not been an exception. We are working in a fairly remote part of Samar, an island in the eastern part of the Philippines. It is one of the poorest provinces in the country, and one of the least reached with the Gospel.   Read More

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Today, we are in Savory. It is a rural village that is a few miles from Gracette. It is very hot today. We looked into moving our mobile clinic outside, but with no success. As I walked along the trail that bisects the rice fields, I saw men and women bent over, picking the rice by hand. I expect their methodology hasn't changed at all in millennia. It is hard to imagine working in this heat day after day--and it will only get hotter during the next two months. Outside the clinic, there is a fairly large crowd waiting. As I encourage them with stories of the healing and miracles we have seen during the past seven days, repeatedly they break out with cheers of 'Amen' or Hallelujah!'.  Read More...Keep Reading

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Friday at noon. We are about an hour into a medical clinic in Gracette. This is the community where we have installed enough water filters so that all of the nearly 6,000 inhabitants have full access to clan, safe drinking water. Prior to Impact Nations coming the area was rampant with water borne disease, including cholera and typhoid. These are killers. After the first hour of the clinic, Kelly our medical director has reported that the people are remarkably healthy, especially compared to last year's clinic. This is such goods news. The water filters are having a big impact on Gracette and the surrounding communities.  Read More...Keep Reading

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