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Dana, a self-proclaimed “chicken” who had never done anything like this before, hit the streets of Kamloops last weekend along with her friends Karen Hayes and Karen Hughes as part of the Impact Weekend that a group of churches was hosting there.   Read More

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Checkout the Latest: God Moves in Kamloops, BC

I remember it like yesterday. It was early evening in a poor neighborhood in Nakuru, Kenya, during the second week of our Journey of Compassion. From the first day, when 460 people gave their lives to Christ in a downtown park, this had been a remarkable Journey. We had seen Muslims joyfully turn to Jesus; we had gotten clean water to a Masai village for the first time; hundreds had been treated in the mobile medical clinics; as always, the Lord had graciously healed hundreds of people.  Read More

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Checkout the Latest: Healing and Salvation in the Ghetto