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Sewing Shop Starts Strong

Laughter and joking fills the shop and spills out into the street.  They are so happy, so full of life and hope.  Ben, who is currently in Kalonga, said that it is like a different group of people.  He hardly recognized Jane.  Could this be the same woman he interviewed nearly two years ago? Could this be, the woman whose face was downcast, whose children were sitting in the dirt, clad in scraps of dirty clothes, the one with nowhere to go and no way to feed her children?  Today, she is smiling and laughing, with a new hairdo, looking healthy and strong.  She is one of the women who received a quarter acre of farmland and has built a home for her family.  She is also one of the ten women who are working in the newly opened sewing shop.

The sewing shop has been open for just one week, and already they are making a profit.  The school uniform contracts have not even started yet, because they are waiting for some machines to be delivered that will help with finishing the uniforms.  But even just making dresses for women in the village and shirts for the men, this week, they already sold $162 USD worth of clothing.  To put this in perspective, these women would usually earn about a dollar a day. 

There are two rooms in the building.  On one side of the shop, three of the women are working, making clothes.   On the other side, seven women are being trained in sewing.  How wonderful to see education, training, friendship, and micro-enterprise all in one place!  We rejoice with them in the encouraging start to this project, and we look forward to watching it unfold.  Thank you again to all those who helped make it possible.

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