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Report from Gracette

By David Pearson

Cynthia and I arrived in Haiti excited to continue a water filter project began by Impact Nations last year. We brought 275 water filters with us, enough to give 5000 people access to safe clean drinking water. We also planned on doing some scouting and logistical planning for Impacts trip coming up in April. God had spoken to me not to limit the Holy One of Israel Who is all powerful and has redeemed us from the hand of the enemy.

We spent three days training and working with our two Haitian teams. We were able to place 60 water filters. We expect each family receiving a filter to share with their neighbors. This worked for the vast majority of times, however a few times it exposed relational problems in the community, which was good because it gave people a choice to either get a filter and make up with their neighbors or else not receive a filter. They had to confront their issues.

One morning Cynthia received a word from the Lord that really was a key to our main guy, Markens, (who will continue the distribution after we leave) understanding the spiritual possibilities of what we were doing. She spoke of the woman at the well, and how Jesus knew all about her and shared the Living water with her. She in turn became a kingdom connector, connecting her whole town to Jesus. He really got this and ran with it. He and his pastor are among the biggest keys for reaching this community for Christ.

Summary of what we did with God's help in six days:

1. 6 people gave their hearts to Jesus.
2. Dozens prayed for.
3. 60 water filters distributed, giving clean water to approximately 1000 people.
4. Teams trained to continue to distribute after we leave.
5. Approximately 400 doses of anti parasite meds given out.
6. Repair and inspection of old filters that were installed approximately 6 months ago.
7. Connected with YWAM for a possible future relationship.
8. Intersected for lunch and had a time of fellowship with John Earlys team from my town in NY.
9. Visited DD's orphanage and spent some time with her children, toured the premises and DD's community store. Took some pics of the children for sponsors and got some letters to take back.
10. Went to Marksen's (DD's main guy) church and ate lunch with his pastor in Gracette.

This April we will be taking a team further north in Haiti to continue the work we've begun in Saint-Marc and the Gracette valley. Here we will distribute water filters, distribute medicine through mobile medical clinics, work with orphans and students, serve in prisons, teach in pastors conferences and above all, heal the sick and proclaim the good news to the poor.



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